E-Mail 9/24/2012 Photo from Mission President’s Blog

Dear Family,

 The week was good. We had a lot of stuff happening. They were nice I suppose. First we had splits with the DL on Thursday. I went with Elder Kebbie from Sierra Leon and we ended up spending like 4 or 5 hours at some lady’s house. She was a sweet lady and we spent have the time serving her so I didn’t feel as bad about it. She was a little too nice and kept trying to give us things. She wouldn’t really take no for an answer so ya. Then Friday we had a combined district health meeting. The Africa west doctor missionaries came and they talked on all the things that we fail on to stay healthy. A big one was water the next was food. I can definitely work on a lot of those. Then Elder Adair had a little accident afterwards and we ended up having to go home. Went on splits with the ZL’s on Saturday and I went with Elder Adair the Zone leader. That’s right there are two Adairs in the apartment and in the zone and mission. So I went with ZL Adair and had a pretty good day. We talked a lot about comics, games, movies. A ton of things I haven’t talked about in months. It was nice to let loose. I also found out today that there are a few other guys in the zone who know just as much about comics as I do. One of them got the DC comics encyclopedia and knows all about DC comics as opposed to my marvel comics. We all got together and got pizza for a pday activity. I wanted to pull out personal money when lo, and behold, the great money changer denied my card. “Why didst thou do this foul thing?” I asked and it replied because it is past due, it has expired. My soul was racked with what it then could not have. I fled away with my meager subsistence to figure out another way to attain more money so that I may enjoy the finer things of cape coast. Ya my debit card card expired. I would like a new one if you guys can get me one. I suppose I can survive but I won’t be able to have much enjoyment at a point when I actually can. Anyways so I got Sister Wettsteins journal. It actually came at the same time as yours did. I’ll use it when I feel yours up. I was actually going to ask you for her mail address so I could send her letter back. speaking of letters the Lamua’s haven’t written me, maybe they only meant Devin. He is a lot more attractive than me and obviously the better choice between the two of us. As for the serving people here. I would say the reason they let us serve them more is because they aren’t as driven by culture as in my other area’s.  In those places you don’t have strangers do stuff like that for you but I think Cape coast is more exposed to foreign inflluences over the years so they’re not as obsessed with it.We keep having some investigators coming late to church which is good and they like the lessons and stuff but they have trouble getting to the church. It’s 50 peswas away. That’s one problem we’re having is that the chapel is too far away for some people. Personally it shouldn’t be that hard but people use it as an excuse to not come to church. I’m still learning the area. It’s a little harder than Kojo Bedu because there’s more streets and paths and alleys. I should have it by the end of the transfer. That’s all I got for now. Talk to you latas,
Yours truly,
Elder Holder


Elder Holder, Elder Adair and Sister Udo



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