E-Mails and 9/10/2012

Dearest Family,

 I’m gonna try and not spend to much time writing so I can try sending some pictures. My new area is Bakaano and well it’s quite a bit different then Kojo Bedu. It’s a little bit closer to how Asuoyeboa was. More of a city.  We’re right in the heart of Cape coast. I’m still trying to figure out how to get places but it’s coming a little slow. Elder adair is sweet guy. He’s actually from Farmington and went to Viewmont. We know a few of the same people. He’s pretty quiet and not as I guess outgoing. It’s not exactly what I mean but it’s close. He plays guitar and this morning I actually listened to a song he’s writing this morning and it’s actually not bad. My apartment is with zone leaders and smaller than the old one. It has a way better view so I’ll have to send those pics next week. The apartment is on top of a hill and we have to climb 54 steps to get to it. It’s worth it though. There are six of us in the apartment. I don’t feel like it’s very unified but everyone gets along. Bakaano branch is small. It’s probably about 1/4 of the size of kojo bedu which I found surprising. It was a small meeting area at the church house and the branch didn’t fill it. Right now I’m just trying to get to know people. Trying to love them here just like in Asuoyeboa and Kojo Bedu. Once that happens I figure all the other stuff will come. One of my zone leaders has a washing machine so I might be enjoying for the next little bit. I haven’t asked him yet but I think he’ll let me use it. Either I have to use it at least once. I actually just barely heard about that elder you talked about. Elder Lundt. That’s cool. As for the old area we think they were just trying to find good areas for sisters to proselyte in. Safer areas and I guess it fell to kojo bedu. I am a little worried about the investigators we left but we’re having a mission conference tomorrow so I’ll talk to the sisters then and see how things are going. I did call one of the less actives we were visiting and she said she was going to church. For now that’s the small little update I have for you guys. Let me email a few more people and I’ll send those pics. Latas
from your missionary,
Elder Holder

Sorry I tried uploading more pics but new computers new problems. The thing wouldn’t let me upload what I wanted to. Next time I’ll get some more out. As it turns out I asked my companion and apparently pictures take super long to upload and my hour is already up. Soooo I’m not sure how I’m going to do pics if they take this long. I might just have to spend a whole email session to send them. Then we gotta go and get some eats. I need to buy some real food.. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes and the first pictures isn’t even halfway loaded up yet. You guys might have to wait a little bit longer before I can you any pics. Let me see if I can find an alternative because this will take me a whole day to upload pics. Sorry.

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