E-Mail 9/3/2012

Dear Family,

 The week has been, well a alright I suppose. I’m making it through. The medication stuff worked. My stomach still isn’t quite as big as it used to be but I’m able to eat just about as much as before. Every time I took those pills it seemed like I had to take poo some after so I think all the little worms and whatnot are out. Last week I just kind of shut down in a way. Not really but I didn’t quite feel like I was working the same as before but I’m pretty sure that will go back to normal after I GO TO MY NEW AREA!!!!!!!! We got transfer news on Saturday and the unthinkable has happened. Everyone figured that maybe one or two would go but everyone got sacked from my apartment. Elder Dikane is going to Assin Fosu(he almost cried), the Zone leaders will stay in the next branch to be in the zone, and I’m going to an area called Bakano over in Cape Coast area. We have 4 sister missionaries replacing us. We got the news saturday night and my companion was getting all anxious for it. He could barely finish a lesson before he tried calling the ZL’s and others trying to figure out what’s going on. He obsesses way too much over that kind of stuff. Our phone ended up dying so we didn’t figure out until we came home that night and the ZL’s just come and give us both a hug. A massive change happened in my whole zone. Sisters are coming, two companionships got wiped out, two elders are being added to another area. Swedru zone just got a major shift. I’m going to be with one Elder Adair I think from Utah but I’m not sure. I’m still with zone leaders from what I hear and I’m going to an even sweeter apartment. We all bore our testimonies at sacrament meeting and like when we told everyone the whole congregation just like got disheveled. everyone was whispering to each other and surprised. I’m gonna miss Kojo Bedu. Which is funny because I was struggling with it so much before. I would say I became better friends with the members here than in Asuoyeboa. That’s the hard part about this transfer. I’ve been trying to find a new place to be isolated and pray but that hasn’t turned out so well. I almost figured out a way to get on the roof of our apartment but it’s a little too slick and I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway because I’m heading to a new place.My new area is I guess right in the city and it’s pretty close to the mission home so I think I’ll be getting letters and packages a lot faster. I can also send mail easier now so I’ll try to send those testimonies and other letters when I get there. I here things are cheap where I’m going so I’m going to enjoy especially since I’ve learned to spend my money more wisely. It’s kind of sweet actually. I can spot people and still get a few extra things and make it to the end of the month. I’m also really starting to like gari soakings. It’s like ground cassava with milk or milo or something and sugar. I really enjoy it. I’m glad you guys are doing good. I’m also glad Caleb is coming back two months later. That would be embarassing if he came home a whole year before me now it’s only ten months like Justen and Kylie. Sweet. Nice to hear about everyone and send my regards. Also I’m sorry I was supposed so send pics this week but we had an district feast and General conference thing so we decided to just come email after so hopefully I’ll have them by next week. Bye-Bye O
With all sincerity of heart farewell from your son,
Elder Holder


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