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E-Mail 9/24/2012 Photo from Mission President’s Blog

Dear Family,

 The week was good. We had a lot of stuff happening. They were nice I suppose. First we had splits with the DL on Thursday. I went with Elder Kebbie from Sierra Leon and we ended up spending like 4 or 5 hours at some lady’s house. She was a sweet lady and we spent have the time serving her so I didn’t feel as bad about it. She was a little too nice and kept trying to give us things. She wouldn’t really take no for an answer so ya. Then Friday we had a combined district health meeting. The Africa west doctor missionaries came and they talked on all the things that we fail on to stay healthy. A big one was water the next was food. I can definitely work on a lot of those. Then Elder Adair had a little accident afterwards and we ended up having to go home. Went on splits with the ZL’s on Saturday and I went with Elder Adair the Zone leader. That’s right there are two Adairs in the apartment and in the zone and mission. So I went with ZL Adair and had a pretty good day. We talked a lot about comics, games, movies. A ton of things I haven’t talked about in months. It was nice to let loose. I also found out today that there are a few other guys in the zone who know just as much about comics as I do. One of them got the DC comics encyclopedia and knows all about DC comics as opposed to my marvel comics. We all got together and got pizza for a pday activity. I wanted to pull out personal money when lo, and behold, the great money changer denied my card. “Why didst thou do this foul thing?” I asked and it replied because it is past due, it has expired. My soul was racked with what it then could not have. I fled away with my meager subsistence to figure out another way to attain more money so that I may enjoy the finer things of cape coast. Ya my debit card card expired. I would like a new one if you guys can get me one. I suppose I can survive but I won’t be able to have much enjoyment at a point when I actually can. Anyways so I got Sister Wettsteins journal. It actually came at the same time as yours did. I’ll use it when I feel yours up. I was actually going to ask you for her mail address so I could send her letter back. speaking of letters the Lamua’s haven’t written me, maybe they only meant Devin. He is a lot more attractive than me and obviously the better choice between the two of us. As for the serving people here. I would say the reason they let us serve them more is because they aren’t as driven by culture as in my other area’s.  In those places you don’t have strangers do stuff like that for you but I think Cape coast is more exposed to foreign inflluences over the years so they’re not as obsessed with it.We keep having some investigators coming late to church which is good and they like the lessons and stuff but they have trouble getting to the church. It’s 50 peswas away. That’s one problem we’re having is that the chapel is too far away for some people. Personally it shouldn’t be that hard but people use it as an excuse to not come to church. I’m still learning the area. It’s a little harder than Kojo Bedu because there’s more streets and paths and alleys. I should have it by the end of the transfer. That’s all I got for now. Talk to you latas,
Yours truly,
Elder Holder


Elder Holder, Elder Adair and Sister Udo



E-Mail and Photo 9/17/2012

Dear family,

 So I decided to just give you an update then I’ll tag my testimony on the rest of this email. I didn’t know the deadline was so soon so I was putting it off until I could email. Bakaano is doing good. I’m still getting used to it I’ll admit. I have to figure out how to work in a smaller area. Here when an appointment fails I can go to the other side of the area in 20-30 minutes and it definitely did not work that way in kojo bedu. People here are more ready to let you serve them though which is nice. You don’t have to constantly fight someone to serve them. The branch even though it’s small does have some powerful members and a serious branch mission leader. His name is Jesse and he also helps to take care of the apartments for the missionaries in here. This last week we have working with a recent convert Daniel to get him coming to church. He’s been inviting his friends to come listen and even to church but then he doesn’t come. If we get him to come then the friends seem to come. That’s how it worked out yesterday. Him and two others of his friends that we’re teaching came. Our lessons went  a bit down because we had a mission conference. The couple missionaries came and checked our apartment to see if it’s clean or not. Sister Asay completely pwned us. We all thought that we did pretty good but she rated us at spirit prison. She came down like a hammer. Struck the death blow to our apartment. We were all disappointed because we actually did clean. The apartment is the oldest in the mission and well ya, that’s our excuse. The other reason we didn’t have as many lessons is because the Ap’s did some weird thing. They asked us to go to a baptism that wasn’t really planned for them. They had a candidate who was ready but she’s going to school soon so they wanted to rush her to baptism. No one in the branch really knew about it. So we cleared our schedule to help out with that only for it to be cancelled like an hour before. So we had to go scramble for those people we cancelled with. Then a less active person ended up in the hospital yesterday. She gave birth and needed a c-section. I guess the stitches or whatever opened up and she started squirting water from her stomach. We got there and she was really scared. We gave her a blessing and did our best to help her. I think she still ended up scared though. It made me think how we shouldn’t fear anything. Just because of the promises that have been made to us. We need not fear. Especially latter day saints. Of all people we should fear the least because we know what happens after this life. We’ve made those promises the only reason to fear is if we haven’t kept ours. I wonder if that’s why she was so scared. Because she hadn’t been 100% on her baptismal covenants. Just a thought.  Anyways I gotta write a few others so I’ll leave it here to write my testimony, Your beloved son.
Elder Holder

 As I think now I’ve only officially been in the church for a little more than two years. I’ve seen the good and I’ve seen the difference between being a part of this gospel and someone else’s. Sometimes people think back to an important point in their life and ask did I make the right choice. I can say that the life of a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints is the best life you can have. I noticed the difference when switching between my parents homes when I was teenager. The difference comes close to day and night. The happiness of one was far better than the other. I’ve noticed at each stage of my conversion the happiness that I had. Living in LDS home. Finally reading the Book of Mormon and just coming to know that it is true, and finally being baptized. All these things made me happy all of them pushed me forward to do more, to be more then I was before. I know this church is one church on earth that is supported by Jesus Christ himself. No other church can say that. This is the only church of which I will belong to because I know of the blessings and promises that I can make in it. With all sincerity of heart I invite all to come and see and find out for themselves. In these things I say in the name of Jesus Christ , Amen.

Elder Holder’s Mission Conference – He is near top center in the photo

E-Mails and 9/10/2012

Dearest Family,

 I’m gonna try and not spend to much time writing so I can try sending some pictures. My new area is Bakaano and well it’s quite a bit different then Kojo Bedu. It’s a little bit closer to how Asuoyeboa was. More of a city.  We’re right in the heart of Cape coast. I’m still trying to figure out how to get places but it’s coming a little slow. Elder adair is sweet guy. He’s actually from Farmington and went to Viewmont. We know a few of the same people. He’s pretty quiet and not as I guess outgoing. It’s not exactly what I mean but it’s close. He plays guitar and this morning I actually listened to a song he’s writing this morning and it’s actually not bad. My apartment is with zone leaders and smaller than the old one. It has a way better view so I’ll have to send those pics next week. The apartment is on top of a hill and we have to climb 54 steps to get to it. It’s worth it though. There are six of us in the apartment. I don’t feel like it’s very unified but everyone gets along. Bakaano branch is small. It’s probably about 1/4 of the size of kojo bedu which I found surprising. It was a small meeting area at the church house and the branch didn’t fill it. Right now I’m just trying to get to know people. Trying to love them here just like in Asuoyeboa and Kojo Bedu. Once that happens I figure all the other stuff will come. One of my zone leaders has a washing machine so I might be enjoying for the next little bit. I haven’t asked him yet but I think he’ll let me use it. Either I have to use it at least once. I actually just barely heard about that elder you talked about. Elder Lundt. That’s cool. As for the old area we think they were just trying to find good areas for sisters to proselyte in. Safer areas and I guess it fell to kojo bedu. I am a little worried about the investigators we left but we’re having a mission conference tomorrow so I’ll talk to the sisters then and see how things are going. I did call one of the less actives we were visiting and she said she was going to church. For now that’s the small little update I have for you guys. Let me email a few more people and I’ll send those pics. Latas
from your missionary,
Elder Holder

Sorry I tried uploading more pics but new computers new problems. The thing wouldn’t let me upload what I wanted to. Next time I’ll get some more out. As it turns out I asked my companion and apparently pictures take super long to upload and my hour is already up. Soooo I’m not sure how I’m going to do pics if they take this long. I might just have to spend a whole email session to send them. Then we gotta go and get some eats. I need to buy some real food.. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes and the first pictures isn’t even halfway loaded up yet. You guys might have to wait a little bit longer before I can you any pics. Let me see if I can find an alternative because this will take me a whole day to upload pics. Sorry.

E-Mail 9/3/2012

Dear Family,

 The week has been, well a alright I suppose. I’m making it through. The medication stuff worked. My stomach still isn’t quite as big as it used to be but I’m able to eat just about as much as before. Every time I took those pills it seemed like I had to take poo some after so I think all the little worms and whatnot are out. Last week I just kind of shut down in a way. Not really but I didn’t quite feel like I was working the same as before but I’m pretty sure that will go back to normal after I GO TO MY NEW AREA!!!!!!!! We got transfer news on Saturday and the unthinkable has happened. Everyone figured that maybe one or two would go but everyone got sacked from my apartment. Elder Dikane is going to Assin Fosu(he almost cried), the Zone leaders will stay in the next branch to be in the zone, and I’m going to an area called Bakano over in Cape Coast area. We have 4 sister missionaries replacing us. We got the news saturday night and my companion was getting all anxious for it. He could barely finish a lesson before he tried calling the ZL’s and others trying to figure out what’s going on. He obsesses way too much over that kind of stuff. Our phone ended up dying so we didn’t figure out until we came home that night and the ZL’s just come and give us both a hug. A massive change happened in my whole zone. Sisters are coming, two companionships got wiped out, two elders are being added to another area. Swedru zone just got a major shift. I’m going to be with one Elder Adair I think from Utah but I’m not sure. I’m still with zone leaders from what I hear and I’m going to an even sweeter apartment. We all bore our testimonies at sacrament meeting and like when we told everyone the whole congregation just like got disheveled. everyone was whispering to each other and surprised. I’m gonna miss Kojo Bedu. Which is funny because I was struggling with it so much before. I would say I became better friends with the members here than in Asuoyeboa. That’s the hard part about this transfer. I’ve been trying to find a new place to be isolated and pray but that hasn’t turned out so well. I almost figured out a way to get on the roof of our apartment but it’s a little too slick and I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway because I’m heading to a new place.My new area is I guess right in the city and it’s pretty close to the mission home so I think I’ll be getting letters and packages a lot faster. I can also send mail easier now so I’ll try to send those testimonies and other letters when I get there. I here things are cheap where I’m going so I’m going to enjoy especially since I’ve learned to spend my money more wisely. It’s kind of sweet actually. I can spot people and still get a few extra things and make it to the end of the month. I’m also really starting to like gari soakings. It’s like ground cassava with milk or milo or something and sugar. I really enjoy it. I’m glad you guys are doing good. I’m also glad Caleb is coming back two months later. That would be embarassing if he came home a whole year before me now it’s only ten months like Justen and Kylie. Sweet. Nice to hear about everyone and send my regards. Also I’m sorry I was supposed so send pics this week but we had an district feast and General conference thing so we decided to just come email after so hopefully I’ll have them by next week. Bye-Bye O
With all sincerity of heart farewell from your son,
Elder Holder