E-Mail 8/27/2012

Oh dearest family,
  I won’t lie it didn’t seem like you were writing to me this week.
One sounded like it might go to Devin and the other to Kylie but I am
glad to hear that you were so concerned over my illness. I called sis.
shulz the day after and she told me to get some medicine. She thinks
its a parasite. then I’m pretty sure in one of my poops I saw a small
little thing floating around after I was taking the medicine. I have
to take it 3 times a day for a week. This past week has been good and
we’ve had some pretty spiritual lessons.  even yesterday we had a
baptism for a sweeeeeeet guy named ransford. I can honestly say that
we didn’t do anything to convert him. He’s one those who was just
ready for us. He was all excited when he was getting ready and we had
a young adult baptize him. for some reason when people are I guess big
here it’s like members think no one can baptize them. stephen bortsie
is the baptist and he did a really good job. He only had to do it 2
and that was because he didn’t go under the water fully. then we had a
sweet investigator Nancy come to church too. I was excited for that
because I wasn’t sure really how she has been excepting our message.
she really enjoyed church though so I hope that she will keep coming.
I’m going to keep this short because the internet cafe is having
problems. transfers is this week and I’m expecting that I’ll head out
of swedru but you never know. Half of everyone is expecting to shift
it seems like. New AP and then 10 new areas opening up.  A lot of
people are getting anxious. I’ll send some pictures when the cafe is
doing better sorry. I love you guys and stay strong.
from yours truly,
elder Holder


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