E-Mail 8/13/2012

Dear family,

  Ya it’s pretty cool. I’m spending my first birthday on mission.
Better yet the 18th is the Africa west service project day. so guess
what I’m doing the morning of my birthday. Getting up and meeting
everyone at the chapel at 6:00 so we can go clean the main station.
I’m picking up trash all morning most likely WHOOOOOOO!!!! I’m living
the life. then we’ll probably go out and proselyte for the rest of the
day. Heck ya. It’ll turn out to be a sweet day.I can’t believe the
Mazda is gone. It’s like having to put down your favorite race horse
or something. No that doens’t even compare. well sorry about the
Mazda. I suppose it happens. I thought the ghost rider would turn out
better but guess not. They need to step away from that stare thing.
I’m sure he can do cooler stuff than that. everything is good.though.
Sorry devin got robbed. oi what happened in the olympics? I heard that
america kicked some trash all over the place. domination again thank
goodness. american superiority again. the best part is that when the
2nd coming happens who cares about nationality’s and races. they won’t
matter anymore. they are just things that keep us from being united as
god’s people.  Just think adam and Eve didn’t have a nation.
everything was united at the start and then people divided themselves.
As for cyril’s brother he was an infant. His family seems to be doing
alright though. I don’t know how they do funerals for babies here but
I haven’t heard anything about it. As I was just kind of goofing
around in the scriptures I found one that hopefully comforts his
mother. Mosiah 15:25. I forget what it says exactly but it around ”
and little children shall have eternal life” I went and looked in my
fante bom and wrote it down for cyril to go tell his mother. that one
is kind of hard to say. “na mbofra nkakraba so wo onnyiewiei nkwa” It
was kind of funny when I had cyril read it first because he struggled
with a few of the words. particularly onnyiewiei. Once i attempted to
say it he understood it a bit better.  elder abioye is doing good.
He’s my Nigerian zone leader right now. Honestly I think he’s on pace
to become  AP. before his mission ends he’ll be AP i bet. Our house
isn’t bare. the bench was for working out. It was for heavy lifting i
guess. I forgot what the things are called but someone made one here
then it got taken from me. so now it’s a mattress that i lay out on
the floor when I want to relax. we have a table in there and then our
bedrooms. Nothing super powerful this week. we had cyril and cecilia
come to church again after a few weeks. then some good news and bad
news. cyril passed the sacrament for the first time. bad news is he
hasn’t been ordained to the priest hood yet. I went and talked to the
appropriate people to sort that out. I guess the best thing that is
happening is one guy Ransford. He’s sweet. He got sick last week but
this week he was feeling better. He went all the way to accra to buy a
white and tie for church. He invited his girlfriend to come which she
did. this boy is pretty much ready to be baptized. Just another one of
those guys where you as a missionary didn’t really do anything. we
will have to go through some of the commandments with him still.
that’s the biggest problem I foresee. I guess kind of an empty week

sorry guys. Hopefully next time will be better. talk to you guys
later. yehbehyia Y. Until we meet again.
from kobi obansam (tuesday born)
Your beloved son
Elder Holder


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