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E-Mail 8/27/2012

Oh dearest family,
  I won’t lie it didn’t seem like you were writing to me this week.
One sounded like it might go to Devin and the other to Kylie but I am
glad to hear that you were so concerned over my illness. I called sis.
shulz the day after and she told me to get some medicine. She thinks
its a parasite. then I’m pretty sure in one of my poops I saw a small
little thing floating around after I was taking the medicine. I have
to take it 3 times a day for a week. This past week has been good and
we’ve had some pretty spiritual lessons.  even yesterday we had a
baptism for a sweeeeeeet guy named ransford. I can honestly say that
we didn’t do anything to convert him. He’s one those who was just
ready for us. He was all excited when he was getting ready and we had
a young adult baptize him. for some reason when people are I guess big
here it’s like members think no one can baptize them. stephen bortsie
is the baptist and he did a really good job. He only had to do it 2
and that was because he didn’t go under the water fully. then we had a
sweet investigator Nancy come to church too. I was excited for that
because I wasn’t sure really how she has been excepting our message.
she really enjoyed church though so I hope that she will keep coming.
I’m going to keep this short because the internet cafe is having
problems. transfers is this week and I’m expecting that I’ll head out
of swedru but you never know. Half of everyone is expecting to shift
it seems like. New AP and then 10 new areas opening up.  A lot of
people are getting anxious. I’ll send some pictures when the cafe is
doing better sorry. I love you guys and stay strong.
from yours truly,
elder Holder


E-Mail 8/20/2012

Dear Family,

Everything started turning around this past week. Stuff just started
working out I guess. Ransford is still coming along and we’re having
his interview this week. We’re just hoping that he’s repentant which
seems to be coming with his understanding of the commandments. I don’t
think we’ll have too much issue with him. We haven’t been walking as
far because we’re focusing on one part of our area right now. We
haven’t been going from end to the other of our massive area. There
are a few people I’m a little disappointed in. We have some less
actives who were starting to get active again and now it seems they’ve
stopped progressing. Some investigators and RC that are having
troubles coming to church. Other than that I’ve been pretty happy this
past week. I noticed on thursday or friday that something was wrong
with my body but I couldn’t really say what was wrong so I didn’t call
Sis. Shulz. Then on Saturday it started off the same but sent to the
service project. The other elders in my district invited us over for a
birthday feast. Which was really good. It was a breakfast burrito type
thing. As we went through the day I was just getting more and more
sore.  Ended up having to talk to some very difficult guys. The kind
that will talk for 20 min. but when you want to speak they’ll still
cut you off. About half way through I just started looking for
chastising scriptures but wasn’t really able to get the guy to read
it. They avoided what little questions we were able to ask and tried
twisting around what other things we said. Whatevs you can’t help
people like that. I did annoy one of the guys though. I kept trying to
get him to come ecc. 5:3. It would’ve pretty much called him a fool
but to no avail. Found out he was a teacher and I think that was part
of the reason I annoyed him. He didn’t like that a kid wasn’t
listening to his every word and command. I noticed this especially
when I told them they didn’t understand the bible as well as they
think. That they are the ones who are ever learning. He cut me off
right after that. The cool part of this experience was that as we were
talking to these guys I wasn’t sore and didn’t have a headache. But as
soon as headed to the chapel for a meeting it came back. Then I
prepared a lesson afterwards being sore and eating my CRAVERS COOKIES.
Dang straight I’m so glad you remembered how much I love those things
and they are too delicious.  The next day was missionary sunday. All
the full-time missionaries matched. Long sleeves and Ghana cape coast
ties. We actually looked pretty good. For sacrament I gave a talk but
had to shorten it a little bit because the first speaker took way too
much time. Even Elder abioye had to cut like half talk out. But people
really enjoyed the missionary talks. I honestly thought mine fell a
little flat but people came up to me saying they wanted to take notes
and stuff so I guess I did well. Then the next was I taught the young
men. We kind of had a theme of letting your light shine forth. I tied
it into the priesthood and how for aaronic priesthood they need to be
seen. I did an example with some flashlights. One was covered by a cup

and the other was pointed down. It represented them and what we
sometimes do with our light. Then i didnt make the lesson long enough
so the YM pres. kind of went over some things with the lesson then we
wrapped up.  I haven’t really had any appetite the last few days. but
all else is good. Tomorrow Mission pres. is coming for district
meeting and then we got a few more mission things the next few weeks.
I had a thought yesterday the kind of sacrifice the atonement had to
be. Tell me what you think of it. In Alma it’s described as an
infinite and eternal sacrifice. We know that time for the most part is
measured unto man. D+C 19 also tells us that Endless is God’s name
along with Eternal I think. The atoning sacrifice didn’t have to be
concerned with the timing but the quality of the sacrifice. The
sacrifice had to be of someone who had attained Godhood. Jesus Christ
is that someone. Well just a thought. Thanks for all the birthday
wishes and packages. I’ll talk to you guys soon next week.
Your beloved son,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 8/13/2012

Dear family,

  Ya it’s pretty cool. I’m spending my first birthday on mission.
Better yet the 18th is the Africa west service project day. so guess
what I’m doing the morning of my birthday. Getting up and meeting
everyone at the chapel at 6:00 so we can go clean the main station.
I’m picking up trash all morning most likely WHOOOOOOO!!!! I’m living
the life. then we’ll probably go out and proselyte for the rest of the
day. Heck ya. It’ll turn out to be a sweet day.I can’t believe the
Mazda is gone. It’s like having to put down your favorite race horse
or something. No that doens’t even compare. well sorry about the
Mazda. I suppose it happens. I thought the ghost rider would turn out
better but guess not. They need to step away from that stare thing.
I’m sure he can do cooler stuff than that. everything is good.though.
Sorry devin got robbed. oi what happened in the olympics? I heard that
america kicked some trash all over the place. domination again thank
goodness. american superiority again. the best part is that when the
2nd coming happens who cares about nationality’s and races. they won’t
matter anymore. they are just things that keep us from being united as
god’s people.  Just think adam and Eve didn’t have a nation.
everything was united at the start and then people divided themselves.
As for cyril’s brother he was an infant. His family seems to be doing
alright though. I don’t know how they do funerals for babies here but
I haven’t heard anything about it. As I was just kind of goofing
around in the scriptures I found one that hopefully comforts his
mother. Mosiah 15:25. I forget what it says exactly but it around ”
and little children shall have eternal life” I went and looked in my
fante bom and wrote it down for cyril to go tell his mother. that one
is kind of hard to say. “na mbofra nkakraba so wo onnyiewiei nkwa” It
was kind of funny when I had cyril read it first because he struggled
with a few of the words. particularly onnyiewiei. Once i attempted to
say it he understood it a bit better.  elder abioye is doing good.
He’s my Nigerian zone leader right now. Honestly I think he’s on pace
to become  AP. before his mission ends he’ll be AP i bet. Our house
isn’t bare. the bench was for working out. It was for heavy lifting i
guess. I forgot what the things are called but someone made one here
then it got taken from me. so now it’s a mattress that i lay out on
the floor when I want to relax. we have a table in there and then our
bedrooms. Nothing super powerful this week. we had cyril and cecilia
come to church again after a few weeks. then some good news and bad
news. cyril passed the sacrament for the first time. bad news is he
hasn’t been ordained to the priest hood yet. I went and talked to the
appropriate people to sort that out. I guess the best thing that is
happening is one guy Ransford. He’s sweet. He got sick last week but
this week he was feeling better. He went all the way to accra to buy a
white and tie for church. He invited his girlfriend to come which she
did. this boy is pretty much ready to be baptized. Just another one of
those guys where you as a missionary didn’t really do anything. we
will have to go through some of the commandments with him still.
that’s the biggest problem I foresee. I guess kind of an empty week

sorry guys. Hopefully next time will be better. talk to you guys
later. yehbehyia Y. Until we meet again.
from kobi obansam (tuesday born)
Your beloved son
Elder Holder

E-Mail 8/6/2012

Dearest family,
  This last week has been pretty good. Glad to hear that you guys are
holding on at least. Oh, before I forget Elder Abioye, my zone leader,
sends his regards to you guys. It’s kind of funny because we’ve
somehow been butting heads but at the same time we don’t have a
problem with each other at all. The biggest thing was probably when
Elder Dikane and I came home late from a wild party. And by wild party
I mean a appointment that ended late near the border of our area and
then having to go talk to James about his wife’s baptism. In all
honesty Elder Abioye was justified in calling us and telling us we
need to be home earlier I was just refuting over how upset he got. A
little bit of disappointments this week. Eunice, the super shy girl
we’ve been teaching I think is going the wayward way. When we asked
she said she had stopped reading the Bom and stopped praying to see if
the church was true. She says she feels like she is supposed to go to
her own church. Then Ransford got sick and was unable to come to
church today. Then John Taylor wasn’t there. What else? Cyril’s little
brother died on sunday and we went to go visit them small. Just things
like that. Still pushing through though. I had two sick days this past
week sort of. We went on splits so that Mary,James wife, could be
interviewed and I ended up spending the day studying because the DL’s
companion was actually pretty sick. Then the latter end of Saturday
Elder Dikane got sick. But Glorious Sunday. I was stressed and did my
best to be prepared for anything because of the baptism. Branch Pres.
decided he didn’t want James to do Mary’s baptism and luckily I
brought all the stuff i needed. Tried to figure out some stuff with
Baptism records and found out that the branch has been keeping 100%
accurate records. There’s some things missing from an old record and
Cecilia’s is just not there or recorded in anything. That’s fun. If
anything kills me in this life it will probably be baptism records.
I’ve found a new place to kind of ponder the solemnities of the
eternities. The main room with a mattress on the ground. I started
doing that because the Ap’s took the workbench we had. That’s where i
would lay down to relax but now it’s gone so I use a mattress. Also if
I go to my bed I almost always fall asleep so this is the alternative.
When I was just chilling I was just kind of thinking and had like an
unofficial prayer with God. It was pretty cool because it actually
felt like a conversation instead of a accounting or report or whining
or asking. I felt more like talking, waiting, listening, and
responding. Also got a reaffirmation of He lives. If there’s anything
that anyone needs to know about the universe it’s that Jesus Christ
lives. That’s why I’m here. Why did you guys get a ford fusion when
you should’ve gotten a ranger? C’mon now. Anyways the people were
“mourning” about the president for a few days. They just mourn kind of
weird. Some used it as an excuse to get drunk and party. The way
funerals are done here is kind of messed up. I’m doing my best to keep
working normal but I don’t know, I’m not sure what else I need to do
here in Swedru zone. I got my birthday package and now I’m just

waiting for my birthday which is the Africa West service day!!!
Whooooooo!!!!! What a way to celebrate than by serving others. Aside
from that that’s all I got. Sorry about no pics but I haven’t really
taken any pictures of anything lately. Nothing really cool has come or
special has happen so ya. oh and the email from last week got deleted.
His peace I leave with you, not as the world giveth but as He giveth.
Till next time,
Elder Holder