E-Mail 7/30/2012

Dear Family,

Sorry about last week. Ya Sis. Shulz called us last week just to check
up on me. Everythings good it’s just the internet.  I have a pretty
sweet email from last week that is hopefully saved in the drafts. I
can’t really remember all the stuff that has happened this past week.
I know the pres of Ghana died. The Olympics started (what devin gets
to do is sooo unfair), and Swedru zone is pretty much the zone in the
district. Lately I’ve been somewhere in the middle with attitude on
mission. Like overall i’m happy but with day to day things I’m not.
Maybe I’m happy but I’m not enjoying. Anyways for the email about
grandpa is that Great grandpa? That’s what I got out of it but I was
unsure. As for the transfers I didn’t think it worked like that but I
guess I am wrong. I know a few people still got moved around but my
zone is exactly the same. I figured you guys wouldn’t enjoy Batman but
I’m pretty sure I will. I love that the league of shadows is back. I
don’t care for the catwoman. This movie sounds sweet. They follow the
comics when Bane first meets batman bane ends up breaking batmans
back. Then Alfred nurses him back to health. I’m confused that you
aren’t sure over whether he lives or not. But as for the justice
league batman doesn’t necessarily need to be in it. I remember the
guys involved talking about not doing justice league. The darker
themes of these movies probably won’t fit for justice league anyway.
Batman,by the way, is just an honorary member of the league. He is one
of the founders but he isn’t full time. I don’t know how they’ll
handle batman in the justice league movies but I think the avengers
will be better than them. I’m sorry about your guys car troubles. Just
something new every week. Maybe you guys should buy a ford ranger. The
mightiest vehicle in all the land. As long you love it The Ranger
never dies. Seriously though you guys don’t have to worry. You pay
your tithing, you’re supporting 3 kids on missions, you’re temple
worthy, you magnify you’re callings, etc. It’s just like the people of
Alma when they fled the armies of king Noah. They were totally
righteous but the Lord still sent things to chasten them.
“Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people ;yea, he trieth
their patience and their faith” The people just had to bear their
afflictions patiently and everything worked out fine. Even think of
that scripture in Romans 5. I think you guys even sent this one to me.
“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that
tribulation worketh patience;  And patience, experience; and
experience, hope:” so really this is just something that is there to
build your faith regardless of how hard it may be. Now the work
related business. We’re having a problem with a few of our recent
converts who are under age. Their parents are either telling them to
work on sundays or miss church so they can have money to go to school
or something like that. We’re trying to get in to talk to the parents
and luckily we need translators for both of them so we have to
coordinate that as well. We also had a run in with a polygamous this
past two week sort of. We met the family of a member. I had never
recognized her before or most of her children but they are pretty
active i guess. Well it turns out her husband has two wives. He’s
baptized and everything. soooo yaa? We didn’t find out that he had two
wives from them but from correlation meeting. Not quite sure what to
do there. We have finally figured Mary, James wife. She is going to
come this friday for a interview, go back to where ever, come back the
next week for Holy ghost, then the following weeks she’ll get a job
and work until all the marriage stuff is worked out. Sweet!!!!!
everything works out. We have a girl Eunice that we’ve been working
with for awhile and she’s finally started coming to church so we’re
hoping she’ll be ready by next month. Then finally Big Boy Ransford.
Let me tell you fast about Ransford. His mother called us over as we
passed by to come and take his to church because he wasn’t going to
any and he said that one day he was going to come to the church at
junction (ours). Sweet. He understands all that we’ve so far and he’ll
probably be ready very soon. He might struggle giving up a few things
but other than that he’s set. Well that’s all the ime I have. Love you
all. Glory in tribulation because it builds your faith.
From your son,
Elder Holder


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