E-Mail 7/16/2012

Dear Family,
       Sorry for the short message and the late hour. Through some poor planning this day we are emailing later than usual so I’m trying to just to get a little something in for next week. This past week has been good. One of the other guys in the apartment has been on a role lately and has just been chastising us for a whole bunch of stuff. Holy Cow. I actually find it funny but it does get old. We also started teaching this one kid, James Blay. He is super stubborn. He was staying with a pretty strong member family in the branch. It was kind of sweet to see his progress even in a week. He had started coming to church two weeks ago. Then we started teaching him. He said he would never join he just had some questions. Then it was just that he wouldn’t take the Book of Mormon. He didn’t want the people at his house to sit in the lessons because they were “deceivers”. Anyways it moved up to he’ll join but not go on a mission to he’ll go on a mission but he won’t obey all the rules. It’s been cool. My lesson with him was when we got his brother Kotey to sit in on the lesson. His brother just gave it to him the entire time. Not the route I would have taken but it did save us like 15 or 20 minutes so that we didn’t have to resolve his “questions”. He left this morning. I think I’ll miss him but that’s how things go I guess. Transfer news is this Saturday so we’ll see if I stay here in Kojo Bedu. Oh by the way Dad, I’m in a town called Winneba. It’s like 50 miles west of Accra. So you can tell Nat that. We had a baptism on Sunday. Cecilia. She been taught just about since I got here. It’s been a long time. I decided I don’t like her step father who I believe is drunk or intoxicated most of the time. Luckily through some work we were able to get everything we needed. She’s a sweet girl. 15 yrs. old and her birthday was on saturday. With the magik kpackage we’ve gotten a few people to start helping us a lot and we actually didn’t do all that much to get them to. The Magik works. Alright I’ll wrap up because I need to go. Today I saw a guy climb a thirty or forty foot tree. He sells coconuts. He ran out so he decided to just climb one and get more. No safety equipment or anything. Just went up forty feet. Also the coconuts cost about 50 peswas. Although I guess he knocked four down so that’;s 2 cedis. 40 ft. high for 2 cedis. Cool.  Thank you guys for everything. I’ll do better next week. me odom mo.
Your beloved son
Elder Holder


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