E-Mail 7/9/2012

Dearest family,

Glad to hear things are going well. Things have been alright with me
I guess. Hold up I’m trying to remember what happened last week. We’ve
been seeing James at his new job at the church. He might actually not
be as married to his wife as we thought. Here in Ghana the church will
recognize some traditional thing called the “knocking” for marriage to
allow baptism. It’s like asking for bride price or something like
that. We asked him if he had done it and he said ya but the branch
president said he didn’t finish it. So he may have accidently been
baptized outside the bonds of marriage.  Oops. Once he gets money he
is going to get it done by the legal way. This new job is paying him
way more. A whopping 10 cedis a day. Before he only got 4. Let’s 10
cedis is about 7 dollars and ya that’s actually fairly good here. As
me and my companion have gone about we kind of are slacking on working
with members but the magik is working still. In one way or another we
got referrals from each of the people we chose. Clarissa brought a
friend to church, Charles brought us to a person, and the Anane’s want
missionary’s to start teaching their grandmother who lives in a
village somewhere. Everything is actually working pretty well. Now we
just have to reset the Magik. 4th of July was super. I sang my country
tis of thee and my companion was being kind of a wet blanket all week.
Then later that night I sent a text to a companionship where one is
from the UK. I don’t think he saw it but I thought it was funny. It
goes like this. “Ask Elder Moore how it feels for his back water
country to be beaten by rebels 200 years ago. They were supposed to be
the best in the world and couldn’t even keep one colony from becoming
the greatest nation on earth. GO AMERICA!!!!!” Other than that nothing
special about 4th of July. As for the mission crush don’t worry. it’s
no big deal. I just think she’s really cute is all. We’ve just been
trying to get her and her brother active again. It’s slowly working.
As for the other less actives they didn’t really come to church so we
got to check on that. It’s hard because one of them doesn’t speak
english at all. It’s coming along. My companionship is still
struggling a bit. We had a discussion to try to fix things on saturday
but it’s still kind of meh. I figured today I’m doing what I’m
supposed to so if elder dikane is going to get offended or upset the
rest of the time we’re together I won’t worry about it. Especially if
he won’t tell me what’s wrong. Hopefully things will change but if not
I’ll be contented. Let’s see, splits tomorrow, Pres. Shulz is visiting
us on Wednesday and a baptism Interview on Thursday. Oh Cecilia who
we’ve been teaching about ever since I got here in winneba is finally
ready to be baptized. Thank goodness. It has taken a very long time.
She is actually pretty solid. She’s in the choir and has been coming
every week for the most part. That’s all I got right now. As for the
contacts I’ll see if I can find my prescription. I’m pretty sure I
brought it with me. Transfers are in two weeks so I might be sent off
somewhere. We’ll see.

Tootles family,
Your son,
Elder Holder


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