E-Mail 7/2/2012

Dearest family,
 Oh beloved members of the house of which I have come from. Lots of good things happened this past especially yesterday. I at least am thanking it to the “Magik”. Last Wednesday the Assistants came and gave Me and Dikane an assignment. It was a complete new way of working with members. Instead of just going and asking for things you actually just go ask and ask them to pray for the area of which you reside. Seems simple but choosing the right people proved difficult. Anyways we are supposed to follow up and somehow get referrals in our next visit but have been unable to do so. Well we went and visited three members and asked if they could pray for the area. They thought we were just coming to ask for referrals so it actually caught them a little off guard. I guess just asking for a few prayers actually works pretty dang well. Yesterday great and marvelous things happened. First James was confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Earlier my companion and I went and picked an investigator who I first met when I got to Kojo Bedu. She has never come once. She was there yesterday. A less active woman who we’ve only stopped by a few times and doesn’t understand english came.  Another less active we met earlier this week. I was blown away on sunday. Also heard a sweet conversion story of a member who we’re going to right after this. essentially she knew someone in the church and one morning just decided to go visit to see. She ended up loving the teachings and how the Church does things and then brought her husband into it as well. This woman is powerful and I never knew. If nothing else is accomplished this Magik just builds relationships between missionary’s and members. Which is really all that we need. Yesterday was sweet. Especially since I have a mission crush on one of the less actives that came. Curse you mission crushes. Anyways as for the other things. James was falsely accused of stealing and that’s why he was arrested. Our apartment is out of food and out of money. Something was wrong with the cash today so no one in my area got their whole subsistence. Elder Dikane kind of stopped talking to me. I don’t know why. Every time I ask him if anything is wrong he says nothing but he barely talks to me. Soooo proselyting has been super fun the last few days. Now for the iron story then i’ll be finished. sort of. Well it was a rainy night and I needed to take a shower. My companion had already went to bed to I was walking in my towel trying to get more dry. I walked by the ironing board and was like “well i’m actually cold right now maybe the iron will warm and dry me up a little” so I turned it on, held it across my chest and part of my stomache. It wasn’t really warming up all that fast so i wasn’t worried. Theenn I decided that my stomach needed it more and somewhere between rotating the iron to go sideways on my stomach it got pretty freakin’ hot and gave me a burn mark on my right side while I questioned to my self “Ouch, Why am I being STUPID?!” So that’s that story. Um yes i am on my last pair and i was wondering if you ever sent my license or not. It’s kind of important I guess.
Anyways fair thee well oh beloved family of back home. Now my family is my apartment and branch of which I serve until I return unto thee.
Your greatest missionary of the childish sort
Elder Holder


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