E-Mail 6/25/2012

Dearest Family,

  Things are a little awkward right now. The guy i’m sitting next is looking at things he probably shouldn’t be. I’m trying my best to stay focused on everything on my left side away from his. Anyways it’s good to finally hear that at least something has been turning around for you guys. Thanks for taking care of my loan thing. The next time I say
I’m going to take out a loan just give me a good whack. Totally not worth it. Anyways Dikane is doing better and Elder Sandy is pretty sweet. He knows how to cook.  As with James oh gosh Saturday we had a funny time with him. We needed some information for the record and wanted to walk him through the baptism for sunday. In the process of
getting the information we found out that apparently his father died at the age of 128 yrs. old. For his birthdate we put it in the year of 1878. He’s lived ever since the early days of the church. I can’t say that I believe he lived that long but it’s all we got. It’s because of sketchy things like for why I’m going to be sent back to ghana as a resurrected being. Just to come back and fix records. I’ll cry “wait no, it’s not my fault please have mercy.” I’m not excited for that
day. The other funny thing happened when we tried to figure out his childrens B-day. He had two who were born three days apart. Obviously we questioned him about thinking it was just the wrong date on one of them. Turns out at one time James had a “concubine” as he calls it and had a daughter by her. Something I never knew about the man. He was
all excited for the baptism and Elder Dikane did a good job baptizing him.  James did spend a night in jail and it turned out to be a testimony builder for him. His wife has not yet been baptized because of the jailing her sisters took her to Swedru so we’re trying to wait for her to come back while James gets a secure job. The church has employed him for a few months to mix cement for the extension on the chapel. It’s been sweet. I burned my stomach on the iron this past
week and cut my finger on a cutlass while weeding. I think the stomach one is a funny story because I wasn’t thinking at all.  We had a loooong discussion with a Jehovahs witness yesterday. It was incitefull but left a little disappointing. Jehovah’s witness’ actually has some somewhat solid doctrine and they all study hard. But it’s like it says in I think 2 tim. They become ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. The one thing I noticed talking to him is that he lacked the spirit. At the end of our thing I tried to get him to notice the spirit. Told him to forget all the scriptures, studies, JW doctrines and see what he’s feeling. After a few moments he goes back to the quotes a few scriptures to not disprove me but to make his own standing in a way. The exact thing I told him not to do.  Well I did my part I guess that’s all I could do. Maybe he’ll see it in the spirit world. I have a few requests of you before I finish. I’m wondering if it would be at all possible to have contacts sent for my year mark or birthday or something. My last pair
of glasses only lasted 6 months and I’m getting sick of glasses too. If not it’s cool. Also Elder Abioye wants to know if you guys couldfind a book called The Missionary pocket reference book or something like that. Apparently it just gives a bunch of helpful things for missionaries to know about other churches or doctrines and things. The Last thing. In Green Lantern there is also other lantern corps. They all have their own symbols. Could you guys send the symbols in an
email or something. I have something sweet in mind to decorate my planners so they aren’t as boring. and so I can find scriptures relating to those qualities. Thanks for all your support and I”ll be praying for you guys.
From the inner most thoughts of your son,
Elder Holder


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