E-Mial 6/18/2012

Dear Family,
   It’s been a pretty crazy week. Mostly because of transfers. Dikane and I were in a threesome with our zone leader and soooo we actually ended up cancelling most of our appointments for tuesday and wednesday so that he could fulfill his duties. Dikane got pissed at me and that caused some problems but luckily during our companionship inventory we resolved it. A good thing about this experience was that I was able to tell when the spirit has left. We acted basically the same but everything just felt empty. Good to know that the rest of the time we were bringing the spirit with us when we went out. The new guy in our apartment is from Sierra Leon. I won’t lie I have trouble understanding him a lot of the time.He’s pretty chill though. We only had one investigator come to church on sunday.  A little depressing. Oh and James who we are preparing for baptism I guess got arrested by his boss. His boss accused him of stealing. We are trying to find him a new job. Picked up a few people this past week and everything is looking promising except for the church attendance but it’s only been one week so we’ll see. There are two new trainees in my zone. An elder brown from Australia and an elder more from UK. Dikane excited because now he isn’t a “greeny” anymore. Did you guys send a journal at all? I remember you saying that you were going to but my journal is pretty much finished here so I want to know if I should just order one from the mission. Not too much has really happened this past week aside from transfers. We unofficially dropped the muslim girl we were teaching because she didn’t seem to fully desire to learn with us and her father said she couldn’t come to church. If she ever  decides to actually try we’ll be happy to go for it again but not otherwise. That’s about it for me. Sorry it’s not too much. Peace out fam.
Yours truly,
Elder Holder


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