E-Mail 6/11/2012

Dearest family,
           what’s up? I would to start by apologizing for the whole loan thing. If stuff starts not working out just yank the money out of my account. It should be enough to last till the end of mission. Don’t extend yourselves. They said I couldn’t get a forbearance because I’m not in the peace corps, I thought that was why I couldn’t get a deferment so I had to go with the forbearance instead. This past week has been a bit of downer again. We had too many lessons fail us and then dikane got sick on thursday. still not the worst week I’ve had just not an overly productive week I guess. James and Mary are preparing to be baptized on June 24th. Which is freaking sweet. I made a goal to have at least one baptism a month like back in january or February and through no power of my own it has happened. we have someone in mind for next month too. everything’s coming along. dikane and I are trying to start with this muslim girl but she’s underage and her father doesn’t want her coming to church. Not that she can’t learn with us just no church. Since we would have to wait 6 months for her I asked her if she really wanted to come, discuss, and be baptized. she said yes but I’m not sure if completely understood what I was asking her. we’re going to go talk with her father this week. whol knows maybe she’ll end up being like me at 14, knowing something was good but not really understanding or knowing what it was. We got transfer news on wednesday and had a big party as a district. elder bunker is going home and he is already missed. My apartment is getting a sierra leonian, some other guys in the district are leaving. dikane and i are the same. When the mission splits Elder Wheeler (my mission father) is going to be AP with my zone leader when I first came elder briggs. I guessed one of them would be AP but not both. right now I’m in a threesome companionship until transfer day. Bunker left earlier this morning. I also found the mormons are too christian thing funny. I don’t understand why people would get mad at that. “OH noooooo, we believe in Christ too much” sounds silly to me. we went and donated blood this past saturday and I’ve gained a few more pounds since last time. Not too much but a bit. I won’t lie I think is muscle with a little fat in my belly area. I’m trying to exercise every morning but sometimes it sucks trying to. I actually didn’t know that about tithing and eating. I’ve never even heard a hint of it before. In the half caste pic I don’t actually remember why we held up L’s. The day after I tried remembering and couldn’t.sorry. Funny story I accidently burned my companions shoes today.  We were doing our deep cleaning and well i needed to sweep and saw a lone pair of shoes. they had holes in the bottom so Elder bunker always talked about his holed shoes so I thought he left them. I threw them in the trash. We went outside to burn it and my companion was like are those my shoes. and went and grabbed them. I guess those were his shoes.  whoops. He spent the next little bit moping. they’re actually not in that bad condition. Just the back of one shoe got burned it’s totally wearable but sorry Dikane. My bad. Anyway I think that’s it for me. talk again next week.
Your only son who came on mission in october,
elder Holder


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