E-Mail and Photos 6/4/2012

Dear Family,
         Sorry this one might not be as long but we’re in a hurry. we recommited James and Mary to the end of this month and had a pretty cool experience with them earlier this week. Went on splits with the zone leaders (Bunker). It was getting late and I had planned to go see James and Mary before we went home. We walk all the way to Pomadze and get to their house. Came to find out that a few moments before James was coming to hand his phone to someone he got a scorpion sting. His foot was already swelling up when we got there. We ended up giving a blessing with oil and stuff. Two days later at church found out that the pain and swelling he had went away after ten minutes and he was even able to get to work the next day.  Powerful. Cyril is doing good and John we can’t get to come church enough. W’ere trying to see if people can get in to his parents and maybe that will be an easier route to go but I don’t know. I had zone conference on Thursday so I got to see Nzuki and got my package. My twix are already gone. Sad day. I think because I was out of food I decided to eat them more than usual. Thanks for the back pack. It’s almost too flashy for me. Anyways Had a sweet activity today. Kakum-rope bridges and I touched crocodiles. I’ll see if I can get some pics to you right nowl. Alright let me try right now. Oh and tell justen my letter to him got sent back for some reason. Only took two months to find out. Anyways I’ll try the picks.
elder Holder

Dear family,

these pics are from the last few weeks until today, i’m short on time but here’s a few. A few of beach P-day activities, the tower that fell dureing a storm, Kakum national park on rope bridges, and touching a crocodile at a botel. The half castes of the mission. Elder Alba whose half mexican and then Brown and I who are well you know.

Elder Holder

Elder Holder by the Ocean

Elder Holder on a Rope Bridge

Petting a Crocodile

Elder Alba, Elder Brown and Elder Holder



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