E-Mail 5/28/2012

Dear Family,
             Everything sounds so down this week. What happened? Things were all looking up it was almost like you were about to partake of the fruit of life.  Now it seems more like being lost in darkness or giving way to the fiery darts of the adversary. Maybe one week you guys will have a solid week where angels come down and speak to you with some sort of glorious chariot to herald in your next week. I don’t know when that will be but I assume the heralding will start with Kylie and then the chariot will happen when I come home.  Thanks for getting that picture I’m sure Cyril will be happy when we tell him. Then when he comes to America he’ll already have a future prospect. He’ll be a step ahead of all the other Ghanaians that come to America.  Sorry about Ryan. Tough break. I don’t want to cause contention but it does sound like it’s kinda his fault but maybe if they have troubles I always like romans 5 I think it’s 2-3. Tribulations to patience to experience to hope.  And we already know that faith is a hope of things which are not seen but are true so hopefully they can build off this experience. Oh Tony that OLD Dog. Who would’ve thought he would be getting married again.  That’s probably why he went to California so he could get himself a california girl. You know their undeniable. Tell tony Sorry I can’t make it but ya can’t do too much about it now. Good luck on the marriage for him. OH that Dr. West he is so encouragable. the next time you go and see him just Say with a loud voice “Oh thou whited wall, God shall smite you for adding to my pain and financial expenses” for next week tell me which Apostle said Thou whited wall and then what he did after that point. That’s really one of my favorite lines in scriptures. Mostly because I know it’s supposed to be some sort of insult but it doesn’t make sense to me at all. Mom I’m sorry you keep having so much dissappointment with the job searching. I don’t know you’ve been appointed and ordained to have such bad luck with it. Just carry your shield of faith I guess. That’s all you can do. Anyways thanks for the pic. It’ll get to Cyril ASAP. John Taylor did come yesterday but not the week before so I’m not sure how his baptism will happen but as at the moment i’m confident it will even if it’s not under my watch of kojo bedu. This past week we’ve been finding more and more people which is sweet. Hopefully a few nex converts out of that. Today we went ot the beach and played frisbee for P-day and my team didn’t dominate but I sure did. I was diving left and right and it was just sweet. I’ll tell you of what i’m my sweetest experience of mission so far. We were walking down a street pretty far from our apartment when we go to talk to this older woman with some bags. We ask if we can help her carry her stuff home so we can get a GC and find out she doesn’t speak a lick of english. Did that stop us? I daresay NO!!!!. Anyways she let us help and we walked back the way we came and further. Couldn’t talk very much because my fante is pretty weak. Get to some house out in the middle of some place and while we walked I just thought this is what we’re supposed to be doing. Not just talking to people about the gospel but serving them, living the gospel so it didn’t bother me that we couldn’t talk to this woman.. Got to her house that I guess had no lights whatsoever. She decides she wants to say a prayer for this newborn baby she had been carrying on her back. Covering it to keep the mosquito’s away. So we gave it a blessing right then and there. His name was Kwaame. I figure out that her house doesn’t have lights. Sooooo I was carrying a small flashlight in my scriptures for the last few days. I had been wondering why because I never use the light when I go out. Then I was like this is why I’ve been carrying this flashlight. I gave it to the woman so she could use while she went and took care of the baby and did whatever else that night. I honestly don’t think she’ll ever be a member on earth but maybe our example will do something in the spirit world. When someone says we were of the latter day saint faith then she can remember us on earth and what we did for her. but I dunno. Anyways found a D and C manual and looked through it fast. Some pretty crazy stuff. One of the biggest things I got was Those who go to the Telestial kingdom will pass through outer darkness before they reach their glory. with everyhings else it kind of made sense. some other stuff but not enough time.  I’m doing good. Dikane is doing well andI’m still enjoying him. Bunker is almost home and then the mission splits. We’ll see how it goes Next time on GCCM. don’t worry about calling Nzuki your son.  I decided that part of the gospel is pretty to be families to those with no family and sense he hasn’t really heard anything from his family he’s your son even if only temporarily. anyways Peace out A-town. Elder Holder signing out of this.
Your beloved son,
Elder Holder

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