E-Mail May 21, 2012

Dear fam,
                 Sorry this email is coming soooo late today. Our power was off all day and then when it finally came back on there were problems with the cafe’s in our area so right now we’re in winneba at almost 9 doing our emails. I won’t lie I’m not in the best mood right now. we had to fight a rainstorm right when we left the house and now everything is just muddy when we try to walk anywhere. whatever not too big a deal. I don’t remember exactly what kind of stuff happened last week. I know last week was really off. I went on splits twice. One with my new district leader Elder Weaver and then again on Friday with the ZL’s. John Taylor wont’ be baptized for at least another month or so. Weaver thought it better to wait and make sure he’s coming consistently for another month before he’s baptized. We don’t want to baptize him just so he can become less active later. It was a good call because John didn’t come to church this sunday. We went and weeded our yard on thursday with cutlasses. That was fun I still need to learn to do it better but hopefully by the end of mission I’ll have it down. Anyways the point is we ended up not having weekly planning this past week so we might be wandering a bit more than usual. On saturday we had a storm. The Ap’s had stayed the night so that they could go get water to another area in our zone. Elder Dikane and I weeded for a less active. When we came back just ate and chilled for a bit and got ready. Finally we headed out and a big storm decided to roll through.We took shelter at Cyril’s mom’s restaurant. We were sitting in enclosed space so the rain wouldn’t keep getting us when all of the sudden I see everyone start getting up and rushing out of the shack. Cyril’s mother fell and then I hear a Bwoosh! I thought the wind was blowing things off the roofs or something. When rush outside The 80 or 90 foot phone tower that was right next to us had collapsed. I was literally sitting like 15 or 20 feet away from the base of that tower. It fell down the other way and just completely demolished a row of shops that had been there. Elder Dikane and I went to go see what was up and went to see if anyone was in the wreckage but I guess everyone was out side of all the shacks fortunately. The tower took out the power lines and things. There was big game on that night for the champions league soccer, Chelsea against bern or something. Surprisingly they got power up in most places that same night. I think it was for the game. The next morning we got power. I was impressed I’ve never seen Ghanaians work that fast or that hard.  this sunday we got Cyril confirmed and I’m jsut wondering if patricia gave you a pic yet. He keeps asking about it. Besides that I don’t know. I feel like I’m working hard but we’re not having people to teach and I’m not sure why. this next week I’m going to work on having gospel conversations and contacting and hopefully things will change.   I don’t trust these computers to connect my camera to them so sorry maybe next week. Hope all goes well. Good luck on your endeavors.
Your first Elder,
Elder Holder


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