E-Mail 5/7/2012

We Was Robbed

Dear family,

 Sorry for putting all you guys together but too much happened this past week so deal with it. Anyways after email and proselyting on last monday we were all coming home at about 9 only to find that our front door had been kicked in. The zone leaders door had been kicked in as well because they lock it. Can’t say it was the most enjoyable experience but whatevs. Everyone had at least one thing stolen. The thieves stole my backpack, my alarm clock, and my watch (sorry Dad). Elder Hansen got his pack stolen too along with sandals, don’t know why you would steal sandals. What’s weird is that they didn’t take my jar of coins which had 40 cedis in it. Or my wallet that I hid under my pillow though they went through my bedding. Elder bunker had a head lamp stolen and some deodorant then Elder Nzuki got the worst of it. His radio that his mission father gave him, something else that was a little more expensive, and cd’s. These cd’s had pictures of the last 18 months of his mission. He definitely got hit the hardest. WE think it was some boys that sit on our wall at our compound. The next day we brought a guy in to help get everything fixed. the police were pretty much useless but we got some wood replaced around our doors and some nice metal gates to lock up now whenever we leave. It’s a bit of a hassle but needed I guess. I also got a new lock for my room door so now I can lock it up whenever I want. It’s cool I guess but I don’t care to use that much. Then we had transfers last Wednesday. Elder Hansen is off to be office elder. I’m happy but I’m sad too. He never learned to work hard. My new companion is Elder Dikane. He’s my  first African companion. The only thing he’s from South Africa. The last little bit I would have thought of him as more of a pampered European. I could almost say he’s one of the whitest people I know. Most Africans usually seem to know how to do basic things but Dinkane doesn’t have a clue. I almost feel like I got another Hansen but this one has a better attitude about mission and Ghana. I think that will be the make it or break it. Attitude. Helping him out to get started has made me realize how much I’ve learned on mission so far. I can cook some things, talk to people and this and that. It’s sweet, Your little boy is growing up. Just remember I’m 150 pounds now. All muscle (I think). Anyways showing him how to do things and getting ready for Cyril’s baptism. He was baptized on Sunday done by yours truly. That kid is going to do great things one day. You can just tell. Thank you for getting a picture of Patricia Tomaz for me. He’ll be delighted. In fact I can tell him as soon as I finish up here because his mom is feeding us fufuo tonight. He also wants you to show a pic of him to her if I can get a pic to you guys tonight. Now as for next week I can skype OR I can call, I can’t do both. If I skype it’ll be around 9:00 am for you Dad and Vera and around 7 for you Mom and Mike. If we just call we can make it later in the day. If i call maybe an or two later than that. but I need a password and account and now I don’t know how to get them before next sunday. sooooooooooo I dunno.  I’ll see if I can check email for those skype times to see if i can find a password and account but if not I’ll buy some credit to call you guys. Mom thanks for emailing Elder Nzuki, apparently it made his day. I hope you continue to do so. Anyways it’s nice to see that you guys (Mom and Mike) are doing well and improving in your testimonies. The email’s have a different fell to them this week. Dad all I have for you and Vera is something is something simple and it’s something I say everyday. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one true church on the earth. If you want to make it to eternal happiness and joy than all you have to do is take one step of faith in the small simple words of your son. Just give it a chance is all I ask and Heavenly Father will give you more than you could imagine in return.
From your beloved son, who is now a father
Elder Holder


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