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E-Mail 5/28/2012

Dear Family,
             Everything sounds so down this week. What happened? Things were all looking up it was almost like you were about to partake of the fruit of life.  Now it seems more like being lost in darkness or giving way to the fiery darts of the adversary. Maybe one week you guys will have a solid week where angels come down and speak to you with some sort of glorious chariot to herald in your next week. I don’t know when that will be but I assume the heralding will start with Kylie and then the chariot will happen when I come home.  Thanks for getting that picture I’m sure Cyril will be happy when we tell him. Then when he comes to America he’ll already have a future prospect. He’ll be a step ahead of all the other Ghanaians that come to America.  Sorry about Ryan. Tough break. I don’t want to cause contention but it does sound like it’s kinda his fault but maybe if they have troubles I always like romans 5 I think it’s 2-3. Tribulations to patience to experience to hope.  And we already know that faith is a hope of things which are not seen but are true so hopefully they can build off this experience. Oh Tony that OLD Dog. Who would’ve thought he would be getting married again.  That’s probably why he went to California so he could get himself a california girl. You know their undeniable. Tell tony Sorry I can’t make it but ya can’t do too much about it now. Good luck on the marriage for him. OH that Dr. West he is so encouragable. the next time you go and see him just Say with a loud voice “Oh thou whited wall, God shall smite you for adding to my pain and financial expenses” for next week tell me which Apostle said Thou whited wall and then what he did after that point. That’s really one of my favorite lines in scriptures. Mostly because I know it’s supposed to be some sort of insult but it doesn’t make sense to me at all. Mom I’m sorry you keep having so much dissappointment with the job searching. I don’t know you’ve been appointed and ordained to have such bad luck with it. Just carry your shield of faith I guess. That’s all you can do. Anyways thanks for the pic. It’ll get to Cyril ASAP. John Taylor did come yesterday but not the week before so I’m not sure how his baptism will happen but as at the moment i’m confident it will even if it’s not under my watch of kojo bedu. This past week we’ve been finding more and more people which is sweet. Hopefully a few nex converts out of that. Today we went ot the beach and played frisbee for P-day and my team didn’t dominate but I sure did. I was diving left and right and it was just sweet. I’ll tell you of what i’m my sweetest experience of mission so far. We were walking down a street pretty far from our apartment when we go to talk to this older woman with some bags. We ask if we can help her carry her stuff home so we can get a GC and find out she doesn’t speak a lick of english. Did that stop us? I daresay NO!!!!. Anyways she let us help and we walked back the way we came and further. Couldn’t talk very much because my fante is pretty weak. Get to some house out in the middle of some place and while we walked I just thought this is what we’re supposed to be doing. Not just talking to people about the gospel but serving them, living the gospel so it didn’t bother me that we couldn’t talk to this woman.. Got to her house that I guess had no lights whatsoever. She decides she wants to say a prayer for this newborn baby she had been carrying on her back. Covering it to keep the mosquito’s away. So we gave it a blessing right then and there. His name was Kwaame. I figure out that her house doesn’t have lights. Sooooo I was carrying a small flashlight in my scriptures for the last few days. I had been wondering why because I never use the light when I go out. Then I was like this is why I’ve been carrying this flashlight. I gave it to the woman so she could use while she went and took care of the baby and did whatever else that night. I honestly don’t think she’ll ever be a member on earth but maybe our example will do something in the spirit world. When someone says we were of the latter day saint faith then she can remember us on earth and what we did for her. but I dunno. Anyways found a D and C manual and looked through it fast. Some pretty crazy stuff. One of the biggest things I got was Those who go to the Telestial kingdom will pass through outer darkness before they reach their glory. with everyhings else it kind of made sense. some other stuff but not enough time.  I’m doing good. Dikane is doing well andI’m still enjoying him. Bunker is almost home and then the mission splits. We’ll see how it goes Next time on GCCM. don’t worry about calling Nzuki your son.  I decided that part of the gospel is pretty to be families to those with no family and sense he hasn’t really heard anything from his family he’s your son even if only temporarily. anyways Peace out A-town. Elder Holder signing out of this.
Your beloved son,
Elder Holder

E-Mail May 21, 2012

Dear fam,
                 Sorry this email is coming soooo late today. Our power was off all day and then when it finally came back on there were problems with the cafe’s in our area so right now we’re in winneba at almost 9 doing our emails. I won’t lie I’m not in the best mood right now. we had to fight a rainstorm right when we left the house and now everything is just muddy when we try to walk anywhere. whatever not too big a deal. I don’t remember exactly what kind of stuff happened last week. I know last week was really off. I went on splits twice. One with my new district leader Elder Weaver and then again on Friday with the ZL’s. John Taylor wont’ be baptized for at least another month or so. Weaver thought it better to wait and make sure he’s coming consistently for another month before he’s baptized. We don’t want to baptize him just so he can become less active later. It was a good call because John didn’t come to church this sunday. We went and weeded our yard on thursday with cutlasses. That was fun I still need to learn to do it better but hopefully by the end of mission I’ll have it down. Anyways the point is we ended up not having weekly planning this past week so we might be wandering a bit more than usual. On saturday we had a storm. The Ap’s had stayed the night so that they could go get water to another area in our zone. Elder Dikane and I weeded for a less active. When we came back just ate and chilled for a bit and got ready. Finally we headed out and a big storm decided to roll through.We took shelter at Cyril’s mom’s restaurant. We were sitting in enclosed space so the rain wouldn’t keep getting us when all of the sudden I see everyone start getting up and rushing out of the shack. Cyril’s mother fell and then I hear a Bwoosh! I thought the wind was blowing things off the roofs or something. When rush outside The 80 or 90 foot phone tower that was right next to us had collapsed. I was literally sitting like 15 or 20 feet away from the base of that tower. It fell down the other way and just completely demolished a row of shops that had been there. Elder Dikane and I went to go see what was up and went to see if anyone was in the wreckage but I guess everyone was out side of all the shacks fortunately. The tower took out the power lines and things. There was big game on that night for the champions league soccer, Chelsea against bern or something. Surprisingly they got power up in most places that same night. I think it was for the game. The next morning we got power. I was impressed I’ve never seen Ghanaians work that fast or that hard.  this sunday we got Cyril confirmed and I’m jsut wondering if patricia gave you a pic yet. He keeps asking about it. Besides that I don’t know. I feel like I’m working hard but we’re not having people to teach and I’m not sure why. this next week I’m going to work on having gospel conversations and contacting and hopefully things will change.   I don’t trust these computers to connect my camera to them so sorry maybe next week. Hope all goes well. Good luck on your endeavors.
Your first Elder,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 5-14-2012

Dear Family,

            It was freakin’ sweet talking to all you guys yesterday. I won’t lie part of my fast went to the skype and or call working out well with no problems. Looks like it paid off. When Elder Bunker did it the sound was super sketchy when his video was on and so for half the time his parents couldn’t see him. He didn’t get to talk too with his gf either. She was talking through a cell phone into skype. Elder Dikane was running up and down trying to get the phone to have a good connection and elder abioye had to wait forever for his mom to come home. I lent him 5 cedi’s of credit so he could talk to his mom because it ran out. Elder Dikane is doing great. Not to rag on anyone or anything but I would take Dikane over hansen any day. It’s not that he’s more capable or anything but he just has a better attitude about the stuff and so he ends up doing more. I didn’t realize it but I couldn’t push myself very hard when I was with hansen but with Dikane I actually get tired at the end of the day. I haven’t felt that in a long time. I’m trying to figure out how to best contact people from Asuoyeboa but haven’t quite gotten it yet. Avenger’s sounds awesome. Before it came out I knew it was either going to be really good or it was going to be trash. Fortunately it’s good, unfortunately I can’t see it for 18 months. AT least I’m not saying two years anymore. Anyways, I think the main bad guy you are talking about is Thanos. I assume he’ll be doing something with the infinity gauntlet. I would say he’s more of a avengers 2 bad guy with cameos and info coming out about him before in other movies. As for the 18 months that will just blow by. It sounds like a long time but it really isn’t. I had a dream the other night where I was home but the furthest I could remember about mission is where I am right now. I thought to myself that I’d wasted my mission and it sucked.  That dream made me realize that I shouldn’t waste my time here. I’m not saying I have but I just need to make sure. Mike I’m not sure why the ordinance worker in the booth made you think of Samuel the Lamanite. That part didn’t quite connect for me. As for Elder Nzuki I think he’ll stay down in Cape Coast mission. As far as I’ve heard where people are now is where they’re going to be when the mission splits. Since he’s an AP he might have a higher chance of going back north to train another AP but I don’t know. I hope he stays down here because I don’t very people down here very well. Bunker will be going home and all the other guys I knew stayed up in Kumasi. I would know Abioye, Dikane, Nelson, Adair, Hansen. Nelson and Adair I never see. Oh well. Soooo I want you guys to look up something for me. In Doctrine and Covenants 132:26-27. It says some stuff that i don’t really understand. I get what it’s saying i think but it just sounds different so I want to know what you guys think of it. Just to give you guys heads up. In two months it’s my B-day,two months after that my year mark, and two months after that Christmas. I’m startin’ to think of stuff I might ask for if you would be so kind to send certain things. That’s all I got for this week. Peace out fams,
Yours truly ,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 5/7/2012

We Was Robbed

Dear family,

 Sorry for putting all you guys together but too much happened this past week so deal with it. Anyways after email and proselyting on last monday we were all coming home at about 9 only to find that our front door had been kicked in. The zone leaders door had been kicked in as well because they lock it. Can’t say it was the most enjoyable experience but whatevs. Everyone had at least one thing stolen. The thieves stole my backpack, my alarm clock, and my watch (sorry Dad). Elder Hansen got his pack stolen too along with sandals, don’t know why you would steal sandals. What’s weird is that they didn’t take my jar of coins which had 40 cedis in it. Or my wallet that I hid under my pillow though they went through my bedding. Elder bunker had a head lamp stolen and some deodorant then Elder Nzuki got the worst of it. His radio that his mission father gave him, something else that was a little more expensive, and cd’s. These cd’s had pictures of the last 18 months of his mission. He definitely got hit the hardest. WE think it was some boys that sit on our wall at our compound. The next day we brought a guy in to help get everything fixed. the police were pretty much useless but we got some wood replaced around our doors and some nice metal gates to lock up now whenever we leave. It’s a bit of a hassle but needed I guess. I also got a new lock for my room door so now I can lock it up whenever I want. It’s cool I guess but I don’t care to use that much. Then we had transfers last Wednesday. Elder Hansen is off to be office elder. I’m happy but I’m sad too. He never learned to work hard. My new companion is Elder Dikane. He’s my  first African companion. The only thing he’s from South Africa. The last little bit I would have thought of him as more of a pampered European. I could almost say he’s one of the whitest people I know. Most Africans usually seem to know how to do basic things but Dinkane doesn’t have a clue. I almost feel like I got another Hansen but this one has a better attitude about mission and Ghana. I think that will be the make it or break it. Attitude. Helping him out to get started has made me realize how much I’ve learned on mission so far. I can cook some things, talk to people and this and that. It’s sweet, Your little boy is growing up. Just remember I’m 150 pounds now. All muscle (I think). Anyways showing him how to do things and getting ready for Cyril’s baptism. He was baptized on Sunday done by yours truly. That kid is going to do great things one day. You can just tell. Thank you for getting a picture of Patricia Tomaz for me. He’ll be delighted. In fact I can tell him as soon as I finish up here because his mom is feeding us fufuo tonight. He also wants you to show a pic of him to her if I can get a pic to you guys tonight. Now as for next week I can skype OR I can call, I can’t do both. If I skype it’ll be around 9:00 am for you Dad and Vera and around 7 for you Mom and Mike. If we just call we can make it later in the day. If i call maybe an or two later than that. but I need a password and account and now I don’t know how to get them before next sunday. sooooooooooo I dunno.  I’ll see if I can check email for those skype times to see if i can find a password and account but if not I’ll buy some credit to call you guys. Mom thanks for emailing Elder Nzuki, apparently it made his day. I hope you continue to do so. Anyways it’s nice to see that you guys (Mom and Mike) are doing well and improving in your testimonies. The email’s have a different fell to them this week. Dad all I have for you and Vera is something is something simple and it’s something I say everyday. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one true church on the earth. If you want to make it to eternal happiness and joy than all you have to do is take one step of faith in the small simple words of your son. Just give it a chance is all I ask and Heavenly Father will give you more than you could imagine in return.
From your beloved son, who is now a father
Elder Holder

Tuesday May 1, 2012

Elder Holder’s Misison President has a blog. In this week’s entry in had a comment and a photo of Elder Holder.  The Mission presdinet’s blog address is

This has some extra info on the Ghana mission each week that Seku sometimes does not know ofr he doesn’t include in his e-mails. Thank You President and Sister Shulz

On Saturday we had our training with the new trainers that will be training down on the south end of our mission.  Elder & Sister Zoll and Elder & Sister Thayne trained the trainers on the North end.  We have Elder Holder and Elder Kariuki in front and Sister Solomon and Elder Martin in the back.