E-Mail 4/30/2012 She’s Pregnant

Dear family,

I’ll start off with the subject line. when on mission when you find out that you will be training a new missionary that’s the saying that goes around. She’s pregnant.  Last Wednesday I got a call from Pres. a little late telling me that I would be training so now I’ve just been getting ready to do just that. Elder Hansen got called as an office elder and elder Nzuki is going to be my new AP. I’m a little disappointed because I don’t feel like I’ve taught elder Hansen to work hard enough. He’s still getting up late a lot of mornings. I was getting ready to whip him into shape this next transfer but it seems it wasn’t meant to be.I’ll just have to do better with my new companion. obedience, hard work, and something else. I forgot the last thing but it’s written down somewhere. I’ll be here to see elder bunker off as he goes home. He’s been trying to get it all out now so he won’t make the new guy depressed with his talk of going home so we’ll see how that turns out over the next little while. for my 6 month mark went to a training meeting down in cape coast. got a brownie and ice cream. twas good. came back and had a normal day. I also got your package last week. the twix is almost gone already. as we celebrate tomorrow we’re throwing all the stuff we can enjoy in together for an apartment party type thing. stop reminding that kylie is coming home. she leaves 6 months after justen and 5 months before me and she’s getting home at the same time as him. she’ll even be home before my trainer gets home. they left at the time. Just think right now I’m closer than you are to Devin. It’ll be that way for another yr and a half. suck it family. Also I don’t know when he got there but I sensed at about 4:52 either wednesday or thursday , I forget, he arrived in england. I have written down in my old planner so I’ll have to see. this week I guess i spent more money than I thought so i was a little worried about eating but I’m doing alright. I’m also thinking about doing a weird eating routine. I think I”ll have a big breakfast and then just drink water and have small things during the day. I figure part of this life is to make your body subject to the spirit so when my body says its hungry i’ll just say “shut up your fine” and keep going. Cyril is now ready to be baptized while john didn’t show up this past sunday so we’re postponing his for a later date. Our investigators either disappeared or got dropped so the new guy and I will be starting up fresh pretty much. I need to figure out how to keep a good teaching pool going and not just have everyone get done at the same time. that lizard disappeared from the pool so I was disappointed. but we met a guy named prince. He’s an emt and holy cow this guy is smart. I’m actually a little intimidated to talk to him about anything other than the gospel and even then I’m very cautious about what I say and how I say it. He doesn’t have any problem with what we teach. we got through two full lessons in two meetings and I’m expecting to do the same for the third.  the only other problem we have with him is he’s leaving for three months. He has a bom and I’m hoping he’ll be converted off that but that’s just a hope. So remember how I asked you to look for cyril’s perfect girl. well now he wants a picture so I said I’ll see what I can do. I know it’s a little awkward but could you get a picture of her for him. He’s very demanding of it surprisingly. If you do just send it in an email and i’ll camera it. I heard from a few people that this transfer pretty much decides where you’ll be for the split so I guess I’ll be seperated from my african home of asuoyeboa. I’m liking this place better but it’s no asuoyeboa.  I’ll be able to skype for mothers day. but i need an account. can you guys make me one and send me the user name and password so I can do that. thank elder bunker because he’s the one that figured it out for us. I’ll need it by next week. I think that’s everything this week. talk to ya later.
Your beloved son
elder Holder


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