E-Mail 4/23/2012

Dearest family,
Holy what!?? You guys sent a lot this week.I’ll talk about my week real fast. Normal. We ended up staying home on Tuesday because Elder Hansen got sick too and yea… I won’t lie I know what he felt like and I know it sucked but I feel like he could’ve pushed through it. At times he disappoints me. Zone Leaders are getting along better again. Which is definitely a relief. Transfers will be happening this next week and I’m just waiting to see if I get sent anywhere muahhhahahahaha. Personally I think I’ll be somewhere else by next week Wednesday. This last week Elder Hansen and I have just been trying to get a few guys ready for baptism. Cyril and John. Cyril will be traveling this week to takoradi but after that he should be all set. Then John we’re meeting with him everyday trying to teach him. It comes slow because he’s 11 and can’t focus real well. and then he doesn’t understand english as well either. We found a moniter lizard in an abandoned pool this past week. At first we thought it was a gator but we were told otherwise. I kind of want to go and see if we can catch it. Two problems though. I guess it can whip pretty good with it’s tail. the other thing I’m not as sure about. I think it’s monitor lizards that have a similar bite to the Komodo Dragon. Not venomous but packed with so much bacteria that if it gets you it would be very bad. I’m still thinkin on it though. I’m giving instruction tomorrow on the Atonement. My second instruction in 6 months. My sandal is holding up ok. I glued the sole of my shoe and so far it’s ok. My glasses keep coming apart so I think i’ll switch to my other pair on Saturday, My 6 month mark. I’m just worried that that pair will only make it 6 months too then what will I do? Whoo!! I can’t believe Devin will be 9,000 miles closer to me in two days. Suck it America I get Devin now. You always wanted him for yourself but now he’s mine well England’s but still closer to me than you. As for packages, I don’t think I’ve gotten them personally yet but they should at least be in Ghana by now. We’re just waiting for the next time ZL’s see someone from the mission home. This past week I’ve been getting sick from eating breakfast mostly and I don’t why. I start and feel sick but I keep eating because I’m hungry and it takes forever to eat because I feel sick. I run a little late sometimes. I’ve started cooking some rice, tortilla’s, and pancakes. I make some tortilla type things from Kenya called Chapote. Something like that. They’re just thicker tortillas. I need to learn to make stew first so I can eat my rice and chipote with it. The Liahona I believe is first mentioned by name in Alma 37. Quite a ways away from Nephi finding it in the Wilderness. It just means compass. I didn’t think of Patricia Tomaz for Cyril but she actually fits Cyril’s description pretty good. If I had a pic I would show him. I can’t believe you guys. Your gonna have an empty house for 8 months and then Kylie will be home. That’s gonna be nothing. This stuff goes by fast. I’m just excited that everyone will be home when I get there. Friends, Mark, Jenny, Tim, Kylie. I’ll be enjoying. Sorry about no pics of Kojo Bedu but it’s not that great. It’s a round about with branches off the main road. Nothing special. I won’t lie, I haven’t been able to love this area. It’s good but I don’t quite feel it yet if that makes sense. If I get transferred it won’t be anything big.Hopefully I’ll like the new area better. I don’t I’m training again. I don’t know why you guys have been having so much trouble back home. You have 3 missionaries, everything should be sunshine and butterflies.  What are you doing wrong back there? Geez. Anyways that’s pretty much all I have but one more thing. I was wondering if you guys could start emailing Elder Nzuki. His home life wasn’t exactly ideal and his mom has only written him once if at all. His name is Kennedy Nzuki so I assume you can do the email off that. I’ll see if I can get email next week. I’ll leave you with one more trivia question. What are the real names of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abed-Nego? Then what is the other name of Daniel? Tell everyone I  love them all and hope things get better in their lives. ooops. The cafe I’m at is wathching a movie and it just said a bad word. Tisn’t good. whatevs. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Peace out.
The best missionary on this side of the world,
Elder Holder

P.S. I got a haircut.


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