E-Mail and Photos 4/16/2012

Elder Holder and Elder Nzuki 2

Photo Notes from Elder Holder

The boy is Cyril, one of our investigators that we got in Kojo Bedu.
The other good looking missionary is Elder Nzuki. He is the Kenyan
I’ve chosen for Kylie. If she so chooses to take this fine Kenyan I
shall have a new Brother in law and he shall teach me Swahili, the
faults of Lion king, many many deep doctrines.

Dearest family,
This past week hadn’t really improved for me but I did come out of my
depression. That part was nice. Tell Devin to get approval from his
grandma to do the work for his grandpa before he goes. I wish I had
done that before I left. Hopefully by the end of mission I’ll have it.
Soon you two will be lonely oh so lonely you’ll wait for kylie in 7
more months. No I haven’t gotten my package yet but I did get the one
with the family dinner pics. The back yard sounds like it will be
sweet by the time I come back. Maybe I’ll just camp out there for a
bit in the summer. We had district conference yesterday. Oh wait I
forgot. I got sick on Thursday and it’s pretty much sucked so far. It
started wednesday and hit hard on thursday. I didn’t want to go out
thursday and friday but we kind of needed to so I was like fine. I
hoped it would rain so we could go home but it never did. It was
miserable but we had good lessons. I got little better on saturday and
then sunday boom! it hit me again. I still sound like garbage. I’m
coming out of it though. while proselyting sick my Zone leaders have
been having troubles with each other and I’m sort of buffering for
them at times and some of our investigators have been a tad bit more
difficult than usual. By today I was actually exhausted. I ended up
taking a nap for the first time in who knows how long. That was my
week though.Now in two weeks transfers is going to happen and i’m
itchin to see what goes down because this is the end of training for
Elder Hansen so I wonder where they are going to send us. If anywhere.
If I train again I’ll know by the end of this week. I’m not gonna lie
I’m a little excited, I’m ready for a change.  It keeps things moving
forward. Could imagine Garrett waking up with a rat on his chest. I
did and I laughed.  That’s all part of mission. I’ve heard of stuff
like that in this mission except one of them was a bunch of
cockroaches and the other was a scorpion. Mother I’m sad to say that
you were close but no cigar on your answers. MT’s are people I was in
the Mtc with. Gyming is working out i found out. I have two pairs of
shoes both pretty trashed but i’m hoping they’ll last. oh and my
sandal broke so I bought superglue to fix it and then that night my
glasses broke. Luckily I bought superglue. glue is holding the corner
of frames together and keeping my lense in. I hoping that everything
will last until the end of the year.  As for Maher-shalal-hash-baz it’s in 2 nephi in the Isaiah chapters. It means Destruction is
imminent. I chose Judah because it’s the blessing of Judah that the
neck of his enemies will be in his hands. That’s why I chose those
ones. Elder Nzuki asked this one yesterday. When is the first time
it’s called the Liahona in the scriptures? Anyway I don’t think I have
anything else right now so I can send pics. Oh and one of them is a
kid named Cyril. I promised him to look for an American girl for him.
She needs to be fair, with black hair, no freckles, skinny. Keep an
eye out for him. If he ever makes it to America I’ll totally let him
live with me. He just has to get there first. Oh and what happened to
the Ranger? Please tell the Ranger is running strong and that no force
on earth can stop it. Anyway from the one who is eagerly awaiting that
Elder Holder


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