E-Mail 4/8/2012

Dear Family,

Apparently it’s clearly visible that I’ve gained weight. I saw some of the MT’s that I haven’t seen since leaving the MTC and they all said that I’ve gotten bigger. I don’t think any of them actually said I was fat but definitely bigger. One of the said gyming. Never heard that one before. Sadly we didn’t watch General Conference like I thought we would. This next week we are having District Conference and then hopefully a few weeks from now we will watch general conference. I cannot answer your questions. Mike that’s sweet with your experience of the marriage sealings.I’ve prayed in particular for Akosia Fosuaa that she’ll be able to got to the temple with her family but her husband is a little stubborn. I can only hope though. Kojo Bedu is more of a smaller town. More people understand English. We pretty much travel down three roads that all separate at a round about. and then branch off those main roads to our investigators. I’m liking it okay. We do have a few sweet people. I won’t lie last week I got pretty depressed and I was struggling during the week. I’m starting to get over it but so far it’s just kind of getting pushed back. I just keep trying to do the missionary thing and hopefully the depression will go away. The one good thing that came out of it was that Elder Hansen finally stepped up. It’s good but I think it’s only because things have gotten easier for him, so I wonder how he’ll do when things get back to being hard? I did get Kaleigh’s letter and it was awesome. That was the one thing I didn’t think I would be able to experience on mission and then Bam! I won’t lie at first I was really confused then about halfway through I was like wait a min. did she write a fake letter. But Sweet Elder Holder can now achieve the full missionary experience.. Anyways I did tell Kylie about Nzuki. I’m loving that kid right now. He’s going home in October. This will probably be the only time I’m around him. No probs though. He’s a smart guy. Thank goodness you’ve sent me Twix. OMgoodness. which reminds me I now have to figure out what to do for my SIX MONTH MARK!!!!! I still don’t know. I’m not sure how long my shoes or my scriptures will last. the front of my shoes are looking pretty shot and if I let anymore Ghanaians grab my scriptures they will perish. I’m trying to be extra careful with them so I hope my shoes at least make it to my one year mark and my scriptures to the end my mission. I haven’t started writing my book yet. I don’t have any time but I have figured out the basic plot. Certain scenes like the sealer putting a seal on a sword and shield to strengthen them and fighting off demons and other sealers until they pin him down. Then the apprentice of Death will come and save him. I also thought about in the final battle the Sealer will have to move a mountain. Which reminds me of Enoch and all the cool stuff he did. I read through moses and abraham so ya.I’m not sure what else. Thanksfor all you do for me and I’ll see you in 18 months. It’s like I’m already home. I also plan on being a chopper pilot for new Jerusalem if I ever become a chopper pilot. When I’m defending new jerusalem my chopper will be named Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz and my codename will be Judah.  You guys should figure out what my chopper’s name means and why I chose Judah as my codename for next week. Until then Judah signing out,
Elder Holder


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