E-Mail 4/2/2012

Dearest Family,

       The one thing I’m liking about Kojo Beedu is that I’m not as hot. In fact with the wind I’m almost comfortable the only thing that confuses me is that I continue to sweat just as much if not more. No I was unable to watch conference but on the 15th we are doing it as a district. And since more people know English down here it will be played in English so heck ya. someone is watching conference this next week. Sorry about the empty house. I’ve heard of other missionaries family’s getting a cardboard cutout of them and having them at weddings or just around so maybe you can do that. The last two baptisms were for the area i’m in now. We also had one yesterday with a sister Ayisah (isha). It was pretty cool. Jesus the Christ is sweet. I wish I’d bought a copy before coming out here and tell Devin the notes are some of the best parts in that book. As for Sealings and things I got a sweet idea for a book. Originally I just had an idea for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse but I was like I suck at writing so it would never happen but then I got a sweet idea for guys having the sealing power. I made it so the sealing power in it would be fashioned out of the priesthood but not exactly and I took a ton of ideas out of the Bible. For example this guy could put a seal on hand for fire and a seal for dominion so that he could control fire. He would be able to bring fire down from Heaven with that one. Or put a seal for weakness in a wall so that it would collapse. You can only get the sealing power from someone who has it and if he becomes powerful enough he won’t have to draw the seal he’ll be able to seal it with his words. The four horsemen would have apprentices and the horsemen would be going missing. this guy and the apprentice of death try to figure out what’s going because some angels, archangels, and now the horsemen are missing. They’ll fight off demons and evil sealers and things. It’s going to be sweet. Anyways what else? The whole Zone leader thing is alright it’s just like living with other missionaries. Elder Nzuki says that he’s going to hook up with Kylie or something like that but whatevs. I think that’s why we’re with the ZL’s right now though. To Help me be a better missionary or to get me more trained or something. I think Pres. Shulz is setting me up for something but I dunno. We’ll see in the next few months. I was surprised I got so dark but I also discovered that my clothes leave a sweet tan line around my neck. I have one around my collar, my tie and where my garment goes. It’s like a design almost. I can’t believe you called me scrawny. I’ll have you know that I’ve gained 20 pounds since I got here. I’m not sure how because I look exactly the same but I gained 20 pounds. Two weeks ago we donated blood to the local hospital because they pretty much have nothing in the blood bank. Our district went and we tripled what they had. They also had a scale there and it’s in a hospital so it’s somehow legit. I was 71 kilograms and with the handy dandy convertor on the phone that means I’m 156 pounds. so bleh. You’re right though I still look super skinny so I’m not sure where the extra weight comes from. Elder Hansen keeps saying it’s from muscle which could be partly true but not entirely. The huge cockroaches followed us here. There’s not as many but they”re gettin big. I smashed one morning with my sandal that broke. Went and got a plastic bag and it was still alive so I picked it up in the bag and crushed it with my hand. went outside to throw it away and it started squirming again so I “THREW IT ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!” and Stomped on it twice, then I just left it. If it’s still alive it deserves to live after all that.There are some big black and yellow wasps that live here too. When I first encountered one I cowered like a little girl but now I’m ready to take it on mano el mano. My sub is almost out. I have to figure out how to live off 7 cedis until next sunday sort of. I’ve been saving up a lot of change for the past few transfers and last I checked it’s at 41 cedis so if I do run out I’ll be able to survive. Time seems to jump here. I think I have enough time to get ready and things and then I check and I have 5 min. to finish. I haven’t figured it out yet. It’s almost 6 months. By the end of April I’ll be one-fourth done. That’s all I got for now. Talk again next week.
Your only begotten son in whom you are well pleased,
Elder Holder


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