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E-Mail 4/30/2012 She’s Pregnant

Dear family,

I’ll start off with the subject line. when on mission when you find out that you will be training a new missionary that’s the saying that goes around. She’s pregnant.  Last Wednesday I got a call from Pres. a little late telling me that I would be training so now I’ve just been getting ready to do just that. Elder Hansen got called as an office elder and elder Nzuki is going to be my new AP. I’m a little disappointed because I don’t feel like I’ve taught elder Hansen to work hard enough. He’s still getting up late a lot of mornings. I was getting ready to whip him into shape this next transfer but it seems it wasn’t meant to be.I’ll just have to do better with my new companion. obedience, hard work, and something else. I forgot the last thing but it’s written down somewhere. I’ll be here to see elder bunker off as he goes home. He’s been trying to get it all out now so he won’t make the new guy depressed with his talk of going home so we’ll see how that turns out over the next little while. for my 6 month mark went to a training meeting down in cape coast. got a brownie and ice cream. twas good. came back and had a normal day. I also got your package last week. the twix is almost gone already. as we celebrate tomorrow we’re throwing all the stuff we can enjoy in together for an apartment party type thing. stop reminding that kylie is coming home. she leaves 6 months after justen and 5 months before me and she’s getting home at the same time as him. she’ll even be home before my trainer gets home. they left at the time. Just think right now I’m closer than you are to Devin. It’ll be that way for another yr and a half. suck it family. Also I don’t know when he got there but I sensed at about 4:52 either wednesday or thursday , I forget, he arrived in england. I have written down in my old planner so I’ll have to see. this week I guess i spent more money than I thought so i was a little worried about eating but I’m doing alright. I’m also thinking about doing a weird eating routine. I think I”ll have a big breakfast and then just drink water and have small things during the day. I figure part of this life is to make your body subject to the spirit so when my body says its hungry i’ll just say “shut up your fine” and keep going. Cyril is now ready to be baptized while john didn’t show up this past sunday so we’re postponing his for a later date. Our investigators either disappeared or got dropped so the new guy and I will be starting up fresh pretty much. I need to figure out how to keep a good teaching pool going and not just have everyone get done at the same time. that lizard disappeared from the pool so I was disappointed. but we met a guy named prince. He’s an emt and holy cow this guy is smart. I’m actually a little intimidated to talk to him about anything other than the gospel and even then I’m very cautious about what I say and how I say it. He doesn’t have any problem with what we teach. we got through two full lessons in two meetings and I’m expecting to do the same for the third.  the only other problem we have with him is he’s leaving for three months. He has a bom and I’m hoping he’ll be converted off that but that’s just a hope. So remember how I asked you to look for cyril’s perfect girl. well now he wants a picture so I said I’ll see what I can do. I know it’s a little awkward but could you get a picture of her for him. He’s very demanding of it surprisingly. If you do just send it in an email and i’ll camera it. I heard from a few people that this transfer pretty much decides where you’ll be for the split so I guess I’ll be seperated from my african home of asuoyeboa. I’m liking this place better but it’s no asuoyeboa.  I’ll be able to skype for mothers day. but i need an account. can you guys make me one and send me the user name and password so I can do that. thank elder bunker because he’s the one that figured it out for us. I’ll need it by next week. I think that’s everything this week. talk to ya later.
Your beloved son
elder Holder


E-Mail 4/23/2012

Dearest family,
Holy what!?? You guys sent a lot this week.I’ll talk about my week real fast. Normal. We ended up staying home on Tuesday because Elder Hansen got sick too and yea… I won’t lie I know what he felt like and I know it sucked but I feel like he could’ve pushed through it. At times he disappoints me. Zone Leaders are getting along better again. Which is definitely a relief. Transfers will be happening this next week and I’m just waiting to see if I get sent anywhere muahhhahahahaha. Personally I think I’ll be somewhere else by next week Wednesday. This last week Elder Hansen and I have just been trying to get a few guys ready for baptism. Cyril and John. Cyril will be traveling this week to takoradi but after that he should be all set. Then John we’re meeting with him everyday trying to teach him. It comes slow because he’s 11 and can’t focus real well. and then he doesn’t understand english as well either. We found a moniter lizard in an abandoned pool this past week. At first we thought it was a gator but we were told otherwise. I kind of want to go and see if we can catch it. Two problems though. I guess it can whip pretty good with it’s tail. the other thing I’m not as sure about. I think it’s monitor lizards that have a similar bite to the Komodo Dragon. Not venomous but packed with so much bacteria that if it gets you it would be very bad. I’m still thinkin on it though. I’m giving instruction tomorrow on the Atonement. My second instruction in 6 months. My sandal is holding up ok. I glued the sole of my shoe and so far it’s ok. My glasses keep coming apart so I think i’ll switch to my other pair on Saturday, My 6 month mark. I’m just worried that that pair will only make it 6 months too then what will I do? Whoo!! I can’t believe Devin will be 9,000 miles closer to me in two days. Suck it America I get Devin now. You always wanted him for yourself but now he’s mine well England’s but still closer to me than you. As for packages, I don’t think I’ve gotten them personally yet but they should at least be in Ghana by now. We’re just waiting for the next time ZL’s see someone from the mission home. This past week I’ve been getting sick from eating breakfast mostly and I don’t why. I start and feel sick but I keep eating because I’m hungry and it takes forever to eat because I feel sick. I run a little late sometimes. I’ve started cooking some rice, tortilla’s, and pancakes. I make some tortilla type things from Kenya called Chapote. Something like that. They’re just thicker tortillas. I need to learn to make stew first so I can eat my rice and chipote with it. The Liahona I believe is first mentioned by name in Alma 37. Quite a ways away from Nephi finding it in the Wilderness. It just means compass. I didn’t think of Patricia Tomaz for Cyril but she actually fits Cyril’s description pretty good. If I had a pic I would show him. I can’t believe you guys. Your gonna have an empty house for 8 months and then Kylie will be home. That’s gonna be nothing. This stuff goes by fast. I’m just excited that everyone will be home when I get there. Friends, Mark, Jenny, Tim, Kylie. I’ll be enjoying. Sorry about no pics of Kojo Bedu but it’s not that great. It’s a round about with branches off the main road. Nothing special. I won’t lie, I haven’t been able to love this area. It’s good but I don’t quite feel it yet if that makes sense. If I get transferred it won’t be anything big.Hopefully I’ll like the new area better. I don’t I’m training again. I don’t know why you guys have been having so much trouble back home. You have 3 missionaries, everything should be sunshine and butterflies.  What are you doing wrong back there? Geez. Anyways that’s pretty much all I have but one more thing. I was wondering if you guys could start emailing Elder Nzuki. His home life wasn’t exactly ideal and his mom has only written him once if at all. His name is Kennedy Nzuki so I assume you can do the email off that. I’ll see if I can get email next week. I’ll leave you with one more trivia question. What are the real names of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abed-Nego? Then what is the other name of Daniel? Tell everyone I  love them all and hope things get better in their lives. ooops. The cafe I’m at is wathching a movie and it just said a bad word. Tisn’t good. whatevs. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Peace out.
The best missionary on this side of the world,
Elder Holder

P.S. I got a haircut.

E-Mail and Photos 4/16/2012

Elder Holder and Elder Nzuki 2

Photo Notes from Elder Holder

The boy is Cyril, one of our investigators that we got in Kojo Bedu.
The other good looking missionary is Elder Nzuki. He is the Kenyan
I’ve chosen for Kylie. If she so chooses to take this fine Kenyan I
shall have a new Brother in law and he shall teach me Swahili, the
faults of Lion king, many many deep doctrines.

Dearest family,
This past week hadn’t really improved for me but I did come out of my
depression. That part was nice. Tell Devin to get approval from his
grandma to do the work for his grandpa before he goes. I wish I had
done that before I left. Hopefully by the end of mission I’ll have it.
Soon you two will be lonely oh so lonely you’ll wait for kylie in 7
more months. No I haven’t gotten my package yet but I did get the one
with the family dinner pics. The back yard sounds like it will be
sweet by the time I come back. Maybe I’ll just camp out there for a
bit in the summer. We had district conference yesterday. Oh wait I
forgot. I got sick on Thursday and it’s pretty much sucked so far. It
started wednesday and hit hard on thursday. I didn’t want to go out
thursday and friday but we kind of needed to so I was like fine. I
hoped it would rain so we could go home but it never did. It was
miserable but we had good lessons. I got little better on saturday and
then sunday boom! it hit me again. I still sound like garbage. I’m
coming out of it though. while proselyting sick my Zone leaders have
been having troubles with each other and I’m sort of buffering for
them at times and some of our investigators have been a tad bit more
difficult than usual. By today I was actually exhausted. I ended up
taking a nap for the first time in who knows how long. That was my
week though.Now in two weeks transfers is going to happen and i’m
itchin to see what goes down because this is the end of training for
Elder Hansen so I wonder where they are going to send us. If anywhere.
If I train again I’ll know by the end of this week. I’m not gonna lie
I’m a little excited, I’m ready for a change.  It keeps things moving
forward. Could imagine Garrett waking up with a rat on his chest. I
did and I laughed.  That’s all part of mission. I’ve heard of stuff
like that in this mission except one of them was a bunch of
cockroaches and the other was a scorpion. Mother I’m sad to say that
you were close but no cigar on your answers. MT’s are people I was in
the Mtc with. Gyming is working out i found out. I have two pairs of
shoes both pretty trashed but i’m hoping they’ll last. oh and my
sandal broke so I bought superglue to fix it and then that night my
glasses broke. Luckily I bought superglue. glue is holding the corner
of frames together and keeping my lense in. I hoping that everything
will last until the end of the year.  As for Maher-shalal-hash-baz it’s in 2 nephi in the Isaiah chapters. It means Destruction is
imminent. I chose Judah because it’s the blessing of Judah that the
neck of his enemies will be in his hands. That’s why I chose those
ones. Elder Nzuki asked this one yesterday. When is the first time
it’s called the Liahona in the scriptures? Anyway I don’t think I have
anything else right now so I can send pics. Oh and one of them is a
kid named Cyril. I promised him to look for an American girl for him.
She needs to be fair, with black hair, no freckles, skinny. Keep an
eye out for him. If he ever makes it to America I’ll totally let him
live with me. He just has to get there first. Oh and what happened to
the Ranger? Please tell the Ranger is running strong and that no force
on earth can stop it. Anyway from the one who is eagerly awaiting that
Elder Holder

E-Mail 4/8/2012

Dear Family,

Apparently it’s clearly visible that I’ve gained weight. I saw some of the MT’s that I haven’t seen since leaving the MTC and they all said that I’ve gotten bigger. I don’t think any of them actually said I was fat but definitely bigger. One of the said gyming. Never heard that one before. Sadly we didn’t watch General Conference like I thought we would. This next week we are having District Conference and then hopefully a few weeks from now we will watch general conference. I cannot answer your questions. Mike that’s sweet with your experience of the marriage sealings.I’ve prayed in particular for Akosia Fosuaa that she’ll be able to got to the temple with her family but her husband is a little stubborn. I can only hope though. Kojo Bedu is more of a smaller town. More people understand English. We pretty much travel down three roads that all separate at a round about. and then branch off those main roads to our investigators. I’m liking it okay. We do have a few sweet people. I won’t lie last week I got pretty depressed and I was struggling during the week. I’m starting to get over it but so far it’s just kind of getting pushed back. I just keep trying to do the missionary thing and hopefully the depression will go away. The one good thing that came out of it was that Elder Hansen finally stepped up. It’s good but I think it’s only because things have gotten easier for him, so I wonder how he’ll do when things get back to being hard? I did get Kaleigh’s letter and it was awesome. That was the one thing I didn’t think I would be able to experience on mission and then Bam! I won’t lie at first I was really confused then about halfway through I was like wait a min. did she write a fake letter. But Sweet Elder Holder can now achieve the full missionary experience.. Anyways I did tell Kylie about Nzuki. I’m loving that kid right now. He’s going home in October. This will probably be the only time I’m around him. No probs though. He’s a smart guy. Thank goodness you’ve sent me Twix. OMgoodness. which reminds me I now have to figure out what to do for my SIX MONTH MARK!!!!! I still don’t know. I’m not sure how long my shoes or my scriptures will last. the front of my shoes are looking pretty shot and if I let anymore Ghanaians grab my scriptures they will perish. I’m trying to be extra careful with them so I hope my shoes at least make it to my one year mark and my scriptures to the end my mission. I haven’t started writing my book yet. I don’t have any time but I have figured out the basic plot. Certain scenes like the sealer putting a seal on a sword and shield to strengthen them and fighting off demons and other sealers until they pin him down. Then the apprentice of Death will come and save him. I also thought about in the final battle the Sealer will have to move a mountain. Which reminds me of Enoch and all the cool stuff he did. I read through moses and abraham so ya.I’m not sure what else. Thanksfor all you do for me and I’ll see you in 18 months. It’s like I’m already home. I also plan on being a chopper pilot for new Jerusalem if I ever become a chopper pilot. When I’m defending new jerusalem my chopper will be named Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz and my codename will be Judah.  You guys should figure out what my chopper’s name means and why I chose Judah as my codename for next week. Until then Judah signing out,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 4/2/2012

Dearest Family,

       The one thing I’m liking about Kojo Beedu is that I’m not as hot. In fact with the wind I’m almost comfortable the only thing that confuses me is that I continue to sweat just as much if not more. No I was unable to watch conference but on the 15th we are doing it as a district. And since more people know English down here it will be played in English so heck ya. someone is watching conference this next week. Sorry about the empty house. I’ve heard of other missionaries family’s getting a cardboard cutout of them and having them at weddings or just around so maybe you can do that. The last two baptisms were for the area i’m in now. We also had one yesterday with a sister Ayisah (isha). It was pretty cool. Jesus the Christ is sweet. I wish I’d bought a copy before coming out here and tell Devin the notes are some of the best parts in that book. As for Sealings and things I got a sweet idea for a book. Originally I just had an idea for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse but I was like I suck at writing so it would never happen but then I got a sweet idea for guys having the sealing power. I made it so the sealing power in it would be fashioned out of the priesthood but not exactly and I took a ton of ideas out of the Bible. For example this guy could put a seal on hand for fire and a seal for dominion so that he could control fire. He would be able to bring fire down from Heaven with that one. Or put a seal for weakness in a wall so that it would collapse. You can only get the sealing power from someone who has it and if he becomes powerful enough he won’t have to draw the seal he’ll be able to seal it with his words. The four horsemen would have apprentices and the horsemen would be going missing. this guy and the apprentice of death try to figure out what’s going because some angels, archangels, and now the horsemen are missing. They’ll fight off demons and evil sealers and things. It’s going to be sweet. Anyways what else? The whole Zone leader thing is alright it’s just like living with other missionaries. Elder Nzuki says that he’s going to hook up with Kylie or something like that but whatevs. I think that’s why we’re with the ZL’s right now though. To Help me be a better missionary or to get me more trained or something. I think Pres. Shulz is setting me up for something but I dunno. We’ll see in the next few months. I was surprised I got so dark but I also discovered that my clothes leave a sweet tan line around my neck. I have one around my collar, my tie and where my garment goes. It’s like a design almost. I can’t believe you called me scrawny. I’ll have you know that I’ve gained 20 pounds since I got here. I’m not sure how because I look exactly the same but I gained 20 pounds. Two weeks ago we donated blood to the local hospital because they pretty much have nothing in the blood bank. Our district went and we tripled what they had. They also had a scale there and it’s in a hospital so it’s somehow legit. I was 71 kilograms and with the handy dandy convertor on the phone that means I’m 156 pounds. so bleh. You’re right though I still look super skinny so I’m not sure where the extra weight comes from. Elder Hansen keeps saying it’s from muscle which could be partly true but not entirely. The huge cockroaches followed us here. There’s not as many but they”re gettin big. I smashed one morning with my sandal that broke. Went and got a plastic bag and it was still alive so I picked it up in the bag and crushed it with my hand. went outside to throw it away and it started squirming again so I “THREW IT ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!” and Stomped on it twice, then I just left it. If it’s still alive it deserves to live after all that.There are some big black and yellow wasps that live here too. When I first encountered one I cowered like a little girl but now I’m ready to take it on mano el mano. My sub is almost out. I have to figure out how to live off 7 cedis until next sunday sort of. I’ve been saving up a lot of change for the past few transfers and last I checked it’s at 41 cedis so if I do run out I’ll be able to survive. Time seems to jump here. I think I have enough time to get ready and things and then I check and I have 5 min. to finish. I haven’t figured it out yet. It’s almost 6 months. By the end of April I’ll be one-fourth done. That’s all I got for now. Talk again next week.
Your only begotten son in whom you are well pleased,
Elder Holder