E-Mail and Photos 3/26/2012

Dear family,

This last week has been pretty sad. I didn’t know that it would be so hard to leave my first area. I think part of it was that I wasn’t expecting to leave but “I’ll go where you want me to go” Even though almost everything about my new area is superior to Asuoyeboa I still miss it. But I have water now,and a big apartment with tile floors, a ceiling fan, a pump that works, and reliable water pressure. I actually started taking showers at night too now because our water is so good. The first night I got to kojo bedu I took a shower. It was the first real shower I had had in almost two weeks. Was it glorious?, Did the water Shoot out intensely? did I actually feel clean for once? the answer to all these questions is yes. It was awesome. I didn’t realize General conference was this next week. I’m not sure if I’ll get to see it or not but I hope I do. So Kojo Bedu. When we walk around it doesn’t feel like I’m hiking for 9 hours a day. If the roads aren’t paved they’re at least flat. Not as big a problem with the language because more people speak english here. Our ward actually does what they’re supposed to for the most part. Elder Hansen and I came down to a pretty sweet area. We live with the Zone leaders, Elder Bunker from Utah and Elder Nzuki from Kenya. They’re both cool guys. I thought I was doing things pretty good as a missionary but then I saw how those two do things and I was like whoa, I still have a lot to work on but I’m doing alright for where I am on mission. I think Pres. put me here to learn from them especially. I think Pres. Shulz has got something planned for me but I dunno. It could be nothing. We almost didn’t get to email today so that’s a warning for the following weeks. The power seems to be more sketchy here than in other places. We have been out of power since yesterday and so we went to town to get food and came back. The power was on so we came to the internet cafe and right as we sat down the power went back out. We waited for like 10 min. before it came on again. If you randomly don’t here from me one week that’s why. This week we have just been trying to figure out our area and picking up people that the old missionaries were teaching. I found out that I sweat more here than I did in Kumasi. It’s not as hot but it’s more humid. Alotta the time I don’t actually feel hot I’m just sweating super bad. I just started the BoM again.I think I’ll get the most out of ti than I’ve ever gotten. It’ll be sweet. I’m getting super dark. that’s cool i guess. not too much else to talk about. We added two more baptisms to the church this past sunday. They happened under Elder Hansen and I even though we didn’t put in all that much work for them. One is Charles and the other is Richmond. They;re both powerful guys. We have a few more lined up into next month so that’s a nice change from how’s it been. We’re trying to prepare them for the baptism so that’s cool.  that’s about it. I’ll talk to you guys next week.

Your son,
Elder Holder

So here’s some pics from just before I got transferred. One of them is my trainer and I at the bus station. It might’ve been the last time I see him until I get home. Then there’s one of my trainer, me, Elder gagne (grandson to my trainer), Elder Hansen(grandson to my trainer), and Elder Slade(Great grandson to my trainer) the pics loaded so normal things. bye bye o

Elder Wheeler and me at my Transfer

Elder Hansen, Elder Holder, Elder Wheeler, Elder Gagne and Elder Slade


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