E-Mail March 12, 2012

Dear Family,

            I’m glad everything is well. As for you Mike Congrats. The temple ordinance worker is going to be awesome. Now that you’re doing that so many things are going to open up to you. You’ll be able to lay some major knowledge on me and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. I love getting huge questions and mind blowing knowledge on mission. It honestly is about half of what we talk about in our apartment. It’s sweet.  Sooo I tried to send some videos to you guys but the memory is too big for the computer. I’m not sure what to do about htat because they’re sweet and I don’t want to delete them but they take up too much memory on my camera. I;ll have to figure out something with that. Watching the videos made me feel better that I haven’t lost my charming manner.  Weather wise the last week or so has been a little extra hot. I SWEAT LIKE A BEAST!!!!! It sucks a little bit. then we had a big storm roll through fast on Saturday. The lightning was so close that it scared my companion a few times. In a few months ya I’ll probably be transferred somewhere else but who knows. Some sweet stuff happened on Tuesday of last week but I don’t remember what but I remembered I wished it happened before so I could’ve written about it.  Oh well.As for today we had a combined zone activity where we went to a lake and it was cool. Just got to actually relax and chill instead of being stressed and worrying about this or that. It’s nice. As for people being baptized, well our only for this month is not going to happen because his father won’t let him. He’s still living under the fathers house so he’s a little stuck. He says once he’s more independent then he will baptize but until then i dunoo. We are going to try and talk to his father some time this week. Those kids who came to church came again yesterday. they brought two more kids with them. We also broguht some random guy we met on the way. A pretty solid day. The kids drive me crazy though. I’ll go through their ages. 3, 7,10,12,13. Sometimes I hate my life.  Not nearly as much bothers me anymore so that’s nice. I just bore a testimony about if we have the gospel then we don’t really need anything else and all the bogus stuff that happens all the time is just whatever. LIke it sucks but I can hanlde. Our water and power has been sketchy and we found out our bucket lady literally collects a crap load of water and thats’ why we never have any water in the mornings. I ran out of money last friday becasue we needed to buy water to shower so I pulled out 60 cedis for todays activity andsome other things. I fell in a hole today while playing frisbee. It was big too and it hurt my leg a little bit. All other investigators that we have are being pushed to april 1. Hopefully we’ll have some. we will if people stop traveling. Have you guys chosen a good girl to come and pick me up from the airport, with a stereo, playing Blow me away by breaking benjamin yet. I expect that to happen. I’ll be crushed if it doesn’t. In fact I might pass away which will be sad because you haven’t seen me for two years. A little tragic really. The packages I think have finally gotten here but I won’t know till tomorrow but I’m pretty sure they’re here. That snickers is going to all mine Muahhahahaha. well I am doing well. If you want ot send me food it’s all good but if not no probs. Anyway Ghost leader signing off,
Your missionary,

Elder Holder


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