E-Mail and Photos 3/19/2012

Dear Family,

        Freak man!! What the heck. They’re transferring me in the middle of training to a new area that we are going to be white washing. Ajeesh. I didn’t think I would be leaving Asuoyeboa so soon. I’m actually going to miss this place. It’s only been 4 and a half months. I’m already moved somewhere. I feel better about it now but when we got the call I was freaking out. I’ve made some good friends here. I’ll go where I’m needed though. Anyways lets move on to the rest of the week. We in the apartment known as Asuoyeboa have not had water since last week saturday. It is now day 9 of no water. we’re scraping by though. UUmmmm because we haven’t had water to make food or clean dishes I’ve been spending a little bit more money than usual so don’t be surprised if there is a withdrawal of like 20 bucks or so.Before I forget my student loan issue should be  coming up soon so here’s a heads up. Anyway Elder Hansen and I are going to an area called Kojo Beidu. apparently it is close to a beach and isn’t super far from the mission home so I’ll packages a ton faster now. Oh and I did get the packages last week. Thank you by the way. You probably could’ve gotten everything to fit in two envelopes but whatevs. I’m moving out of Kumasi stake and it’s going to be a big change. For one I won’t be speaking any Twi but I’ll have to try picking up Fante. Which is harder I guess. Hopefully I’ll figure it out but I don’t know. 

Elder Hansen, Sister Julieanna and Elder Holder

Tomorrow we’ll probably just be scrabbling to say goodbye to all the people that we want to. Then Wednesday we’ll be gone. I hope where we are going will be cooler so I don’t sweat as much. Even though it hasn’t been as hot, it’s still been pretty humid so I still sweat like a beast. Mike that’s freakin’ awesome. that quickening of your understanding has already started and now it’s not gonna stop. Please send me more insights. Those are the best. I also decided that instead of the four horsemen of the apocalypse that there might be five. I quote “then there came a pale horse:and the name of him who rode it was Death and Hell followed with him” Rev. ch. 6 I think. Anyways It’s the only place I’ve found that Hell is capitalized. It’s the name of a personage of something. I’m glad you got my song picked out and you’re working on the girl already. That’s sweet. Please not Makayla. Preferably not taryn either. You guys could even think outside the box and go outside the ward. It’s no rush though I still have 20 months. That’s right baby I’m under 20 months whoooo!!!!!!!!!! Boom. Before you know it I’m gonna be home enjoying thanksgiving. Heck Yaaaaa. The random guy didn’t come to church but the four kids did. We tried getting to their parents and they all said that they would come next week. doubtful and now we’re leaving soooo I won’t be able to see it through. Disappointing. I think that might be why we haven’t had any baptisms so far because we’re leaving. So either we wouldn’t be there to continue strengthening our converts or we wouldn’t be able to see them baptized but I don’t know. It makes me feel better I guess. The woman in that picture is named Sister Julianna so she’s awesome. A little repetitive but a cool lady. Well’s I’m getting off so I’ll talk to you guys next week. Tell Tristan he’s doing awesome. Everyone be strong and study your scriptures gosh dang it. If there’s anything you can do to make almost everything better it’s that. Peace out from Elda Heelda,(the kids pronounce my name wrong sometimes)
Sincerely the best missionary,
Elder Holder

Here’s some pics from the last week. The first is what happens when your apartment doesn’t have water for 5 days. The dishes pile up and everything else just becomes messy because we don’t have enough water. Right now we’re at day 9 of no water. We’ve been having to buy a bunch of sachets which are 10 peswas each. that’s like a dime. I’ve spent 22 cedis on sachets this week. that’s like 22 dollars. that’s the comparison. We’ve washed clothes with that, done dishes three times like that. and showered for the past week or so with those. It’s pretty sweet I guess. Oh and that woman is a member that’s been helping us out. We took a pic because we are leaving soon. that’s all.

Elder Holder No Water 2

Elder Holder No Water


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