E-Mail 3/5/2012

Dear Family,
Is there no pleasing you? Jk but seriously. I was requested to send pics of my area so that’s what I sent. I’ll try to get some more of me in them for next time but usually it’s just me seeing something and saying sweet! Let’s take a pic. You try to find twi lessons but honestly you wouldn’t really be able to talk to anyone and well ya the only place you would use it is in Ghana and even then mostly only in Ashanti region. Sorry about Devin’s Visa stuff. That sucks hardcore. It happens though. I don’t ever remember getting reimbursed for anything though so you lucked out there. Dearest Michael I’m so proud of you getting an interview in the temple. I hope you get it because then you can drop some knowledge on me from all the enlightenment and quickening of your understanding that you will receive. I had one the other day about the relationship between a chapel and the temple. I figured it this way. The church house just prepares you to enter the temple. It’s like the aaronic priesthood of church buildings and the temple is Melchizedek. Also, the Sacrament ,which is an aaronic priesthood ordinance, is done in the chapel while sealings and endowments are done only in the temple.  Just barely figured that one out a day or two ago.It was sweet. ya stuff like that would be cool. Tell Garrett to enjoy being in the states for as long as he can. Ya that kind of companion sucks but he just has to get him in shape. Plus he can still get as many brownies as he wants, thousands and thousands of brownies. Oh my goodness he’s a lucky man right now. Oh and I still haven’t my packages yet. I thought they would come last tuesday but I was definitely disappointed. No snickers, no ice cream. But as we were leaving our mission tour the zone leaders asked us if we wanted to get some pizza and I was like “4 month mark” , “pizza” ,”better than the last pizza” what are we still doing here lets go. It was way good pizza just a little bit on the expensive side but I held back. I split a pizza with Elder Hansen.  It was good and totally worth it. Oh and mom sorry but you ask way too many questions. There is no possible way I can answer all of them. As for the pics the one in front of the dump is elder hansen, those people in the half built house live down the street ( I wouldn’t call them neighbors), and I don’t remember what shack sent. If it’s a dirty stone type one with like tables and stuff then ya or it could be someone elses house. A lot of them look the same. elder Hansen and i can work together pretty well not too much in common. Found out he can hacky sack a little bit but other than that him and elder gagne talk about more stuff than me and him do. Whatevs, in two months it won’t really matter anyway just as long as we did our part. Our lessons have suffered this week and we’ve been struggling on that front. We usually have a well planned day with back  ups and then everyone fails at the same time. We’ve been trying to contact like crazy but so far no one real serious. yesterday 3 kids decided they wanted to come to church which was cool but it turned into me baby sitting for the most part. And then I tried figuring out a baptismal record for someone who baptized before i even got there. All I needed was birthdates for the parents, his children, and the place he was married. He knew where he was married and that was it. We tried figuring out his parents Bdays from when they died and their ages and I guess they both lived to 110 yrs. old. So yaaaaa… Then he has to call his 7 kids and find out their stuff before i can send the paper in. Records are not found here and it makes it very difficult sometimes. I had a sweet idea about what to do when I get home next year. Have Devin find a song by Breaking Benjamin. The only thing I remember about it is that it says “Only the Strongest will survive”. I don’t think that’s the name but it might be. Then Bring a girl to the airport with you guys. She needs to a modestly dressed cute/hot girl. As I come through have her hold a stereo up that plays that song and then bring a pizza too. And as all that happens I’ll run in slowmo to you guys with your eyes filled with tears and well I’m pretty sure it’s be epically awesome. One last thing. Devin research all you can on the vikings. Where they were majorally populated, when they came into prominence and some of their basic beliefs. Mostly in regards to the end of the world, thor, odin and things like that. then get back to me. I have a theory I need to find out. Oh and if you guys are interested look up the book of Hagoth. It sounds sweet. I love you guys and i’ll let you know how things are going. Sweet, bye bye o
Your dearest asimpakofo,
Elder Holder


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