E-Mail 2/27/2012 No Photos were attached.

Dear Family,
I am hoping to get those packages tomorrow at our mission tour thing
with Pres. Dixon. (the temple president here). If they do come it’ll
be perfect because it is my 4 month mark and I am going to enjoy a
sundae. I need the snickers bar or it won’t be complete. Anyways I got
the pics off finally as you can see. Things are going well. Kind of
just went into being the trainer senior companion guy i guess. It just
happened. Elder Hansen is doing good. He’s improved a lot since the
first week. He’s getting used to who things are in Ghana. Sometimes I
get irritated with some of the things he says and then I remember that
I said stuff just like that when I was being trained so I just try to
be a little more patient. It’s hard sometimes though because we don’t
really have any similarities between us so I’m sometimes a little
quite or I hold my words. Other than that everything is fine. The last
few weeks I kind of stopped caring about food so much. I don’t really
plan for my food anymore. As we’re going out a investigator or member
will randomly give us food and as we head home I realize that i didn’t
have anything to eat so it was good that some one took pity on us.
Today we ate at a fried rice stand and I ate everything. Not too big
of feat it sounds like but there was a chicken leg there. Let me tell
ya I ate everything. Not even the bone was left. That’s right, I’m
eatin’ bones now and thems not bad. Aye Komme. I’m also slowly
starting to understand twi more. Everyone in the apartment has started
studying the Twi BOM trying to figure out what it says and all that.
It’ s pretyt cool. i’m hoping to get pretty good at it. I still don’t
know too much about the mission split. It’s officially happening on
July 1 which is the only solid thing I’ve heard on my end. The only
baptisms we got planned is one Allotyi, james, and beatrice later on.
allotyi is pretty solid, James is awesome you don’t even know and
beatrice so far has all been by the spirit.I’m feelin good about them.
We just gotta get them to read the BOM i found out. I guess some of
the people we were teaching hadn’t been reading like i thought they
were so I’ve focused a little more on that and it’s importance in
gaining a testimony. Tomorrow we are going to Dichempso to the mission
tour and so i’ll get to see all the missionaries in that zone. I’ll
see my trainer. It’s pretty cool. I surprisingly miss him. I know it
sounds not straight but I imagine this is what I’ll feel like as I get
closer to coming home. The knowledge that I’ll be seeing you guys
again will start getting me ansy and stuff. Whatevs. Talk to yall
later. Your most beloved Asin faa ko fo. It’s supposed to be
missionary but when I tell people that it’s hit and miss for
understanding. It means something like the word go brought person. It
seems to fit so I’ll keep using it.
Your Asinfaakofoo
Elder Holder


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