Email 2/20/2012

Dear family,

that blind folded activity was sweet. It’ll take too long to explain
but it was sweet. Ya I think that my group was the surge to get ready
for the mission split but i’m not sure. Elder Wheeler is in the next
zone over Dichempso. He actually called yesterday to see how some
investigators were doing and I guess things have sucked for him a
little bit. I also realized that I actually miss him a little bit. It
sounds like I’m a little gay for him I know but it’s in a totally
straight way. Now that I’ve started training I feel like I’ve been
doing it since the start of my mission and it feels the same for my
companion. I feel like I’ve just been with him ever since ever but
it’s really only been a week now. Kinda weird. If you guys sent all
that stuff in flat rates I think you can stuff them more but I’ll see
when i get them. I’m most excited for the photos. Garrett’s lucky he
gets to be in the states for a bit longer and I knew about Kylie’s
thing for awhile. I’ll start thinking about the Bahams more and that’s
so sad to hear about sister Baham. Have they all have fun at the high
adventure camp. It’ll be a little different. Especially since the past
few years have been so intense before. Tell Kathy sorry about Minnie
but at least Minnie will be in sweet sweet celestial animal paradise.
I read that somewhere in D+C but I don’t remember where but it’s
there. And tell her thanks for keeping the Ranger alive. Tell Tristan
good work and tell Trae not to get too into video games. It’s the one
thing that sucks about being on mission. I realized i won’t play video
games forever. A little depressing I know but I’ll have a little bit
before I forsake them. I like the quote that Grandma and Grandpa sent.
And Mom I guess the only thing left for you to do is to pray about
what God wants for you. Sometimes we get tunnel vision on things we
think we need to do but every once in awhile just chill and listen. I
tried super hard to get three of our investigators baptized this last
week and when none of them were I was disappointed. I heard just we’ve
done our part and that gave me peace. Sorry gotta cut it short. 1
minute left
love you guys. Miss you writt more next week
Elder holder


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