E-Mail 2-13-2012

Seku responds to letter concerning his photo from last week.

Dearest Beloved family,

Mike I’m sorry but What the Heck!? Do you know how much it sucks here sometimes? I thought you would since you went to Chile and had to clean all your own stuff and cook all your own food. Oh wait you had a maid that did all that stuff for you. You lived like a king on your mission or so you say. Then there’s all the normal strains of being on mission, working all day, being tired all night, and then having people that you have grown to love fail you when it’s their time to come into the fold of Jesus Christ. When it’s their time to truly accept the gospel and then they simply don’t come to church that day. I won’t lie to you sometimes it sucks  here a lot. I know you just trying to keep me doing the best i can, trying to help me be the best that  I can be and who our Father in Heaven wants me to be, but you need to let me have what little fun I can here. If I don’t I will be absolutely miserable and it will show in all that I do. As missionaries we can’t become someone else. I can’t be elder Oviatt, elder Wheeler, elder Hansen, I need to be Elder Holder. The scriptures even say that the Lord will use our interests, our cares, our habits even to help spread the gospel. Just let me be me. Anyways training has been fun. My new companion is Elder Hansen from Murray.  he wants to work hard and that’s all you need in a companion.  He’s eager to learn and that means he’ll pick up stuff fast. It’ll be interesting to see what he’s like in three months. As for spiderman i thought they would have picked a bigger villain than the Lizard. He does alright but it’s not like the green goblin or the kingpin. Even the shocker would have been a good one but I don’t know what they are trying to do with those movies so. It’s awesome that devin is working at subway now he will be able to make sweet awesome sandwiches for his companion on his mission. They will love him. I will love him even more when makes them for me when he gets home from his mission. It won’t be as epic as if it was me coming home and theres just a sweet subway style homemade sandwich waiting for me. I would tear into that thing like nobody’s business. sucks for Garrett. I thought he would already be in Argentina. Just tell him to enjoy America before he heads out.  Tell John congratulations. Tell Devin to learn the first 3 lessons really well. That’s what people need before they can be baptized and then to study lesson 4. Have him look at the later chapters too so he can see different ways to study or intorduce yourself to people and what not. As for the pics, I’m sorry. We were already late this morning and so i forgot to grab my usb cord and this is the best place to send pics. I odn’t know the next time i’ll be up this way but I’ll just a whole tons of pics that day to sate your hunger for pictures of Ghana. Mike one thing you can do for your lessons is that when you pray just to aks for the spirit to be there to help with the lesson as you start the class. I don’t know if that’s practical or anything  but it should help. Mom that new job sounds sweet. You just gotta be a little more forward. You can be forceful when you want to you just got let it out. Make sure Jason stays out of trouble. And Say hi To Kathy for me. Peace family. Oh and did you get my letter yet? I don’t remember. I wrote it back in January and I have no idea how long it will take.

Your beloved Brofo missonary
 Elder Holder


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