E-Mail 2-6-2012

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Dear Family,

      Well it’s the start of a new week so I guess that is well. There was no duty that I had to pay though I have to say you probably could have packed it with more sweet stuff but that’s ok. I’m excited to get peanut butter because it’ll make my delicious groundnut taste like crap and when i’m finished with it I’ll get the joy of groundnut paste becoming good again. The snickers works out well too. For this months month mark I plan to take that last cookie, get some fan ice (ice cream), and some snickers and make a legit ice cream thing like from back home. Photo’s will be the best though. Mckay seems to be having some of the same problems I am. With people who say all churches are good and trying to get them to recognize the spirit and things. I guess it’s like that wherever you go. I dunno. As for the staff member I have no idea. that is not my area of expertise sounds like he has to become pretty hardcore though. Got me. As for the fast for family and things how is does that one work? I have been praying for all our inactive and or nonmember family members. so with this one we fast and pray for 21 days or we fast and then after we pray for them for 21 days. If it’s the first one is just like a day fast  for every day? I dunno I’m going to assume it’s the second. I’ve already started doing it small but now I have a goal I guess. I haven’t hit my 4 month mark yet. That won’t be until feb. 28. I still have 22 days. That is is super obnoxious that both kylie and mckay have hit their half ways. That’s so dumb it’s not even funny. whatevs. I’ll forget about it I guess. Good luck on the teaching in your class Mike. As for the dogs seeing the dogs here you should definitely show them some more love. Otherwise they’ll start being abused and things. I want happy dogs when i get back. Next I guess i’ll go through this past weeks disappointments. The entire week just sucked. No one kept their appointments. Everyone was trying to be difficult and we worked hard to get our people interviewed for baptism. It took a lot. Numbers wise this has been mine and elder wheeler’s worst week. All the baptisms are worth it though right? Oh wait I forgot, two days before his baptism Kwaame went back to his drinking, the day of the baptism Akosia ended up going to her home town and she wasn’t able to make it, and we already know about Asha. four baptisms planned and we got whittled down to one. It was a pretty sweet one but still. I was not happy O. The kids all week were just pushing my buttons, the adults tried seeing how far they could push me. Oh gosh, I’m glad this past week is done and a wonderful new week has begun. My new companion and I are totally going to tear up Asuoyeboa like nobody’s business. The People are just going to be blown away. they’ll talk to us for five minutes and be committed for bapitsm and they’ll be left wondering when they committed in that 5 minutes. they won’t stand a chance against Elder Holder and Elder Mystery. Mother, if your interviewer told you about boldness maybe you should read up on Captain Moroni. Alma chapters 45-60ish. If there is one bold guy in the scriptures it’s him. Learn to rely on that God whom you love and the confidence will come, the boldness will come, and the blessings will come. I wish I had brought some of the mission library with me so i could do some reading but I’ll just have to get it sometime during mission. I also some sweet stuff that I thought about buying for peeps but it was too expensive. one day one day though when i find some cheaper things or if i am more confident about money I’ll be able to get some stuff. what would you like anyway? I wouldn’t say any clothes because i have no idea how to get them the right size for everyone but if there’s anything else i might be able to a little somethin somethin. As for Devin I’m proud of you. I’m just thinking of last and good freakin’ job. Wo ah dea. You ‘ve done well.  You should send me a cool superhero quote that you’ve heard lately so i can run through my mind a thousand times. Well peace guys. Talks later
Your favorite missionary
Elder Holder


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