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Ghana Photos arrived 2/28/2012


E-Mail 2/27/2012 No Photos were attached.

Dear Family,
I am hoping to get those packages tomorrow at our mission tour thing
with Pres. Dixon. (the temple president here). If they do come it’ll
be perfect because it is my 4 month mark and I am going to enjoy a
sundae. I need the snickers bar or it won’t be complete. Anyways I got
the pics off finally as you can see. Things are going well. Kind of
just went into being the trainer senior companion guy i guess. It just
happened. Elder Hansen is doing good. He’s improved a lot since the
first week. He’s getting used to who things are in Ghana. Sometimes I
get irritated with some of the things he says and then I remember that
I said stuff just like that when I was being trained so I just try to
be a little more patient. It’s hard sometimes though because we don’t
really have any similarities between us so I’m sometimes a little
quite or I hold my words. Other than that everything is fine. The last
few weeks I kind of stopped caring about food so much. I don’t really
plan for my food anymore. As we’re going out a investigator or member
will randomly give us food and as we head home I realize that i didn’t
have anything to eat so it was good that some one took pity on us.
Today we ate at a fried rice stand and I ate everything. Not too big
of feat it sounds like but there was a chicken leg there. Let me tell
ya I ate everything. Not even the bone was left. That’s right, I’m
eatin’ bones now and thems not bad. Aye Komme. I’m also slowly
starting to understand twi more. Everyone in the apartment has started
studying the Twi BOM trying to figure out what it says and all that.
It’ s pretyt cool. i’m hoping to get pretty good at it. I still don’t
know too much about the mission split. It’s officially happening on
July 1 which is the only solid thing I’ve heard on my end. The only
baptisms we got planned is one Allotyi, james, and beatrice later on.
allotyi is pretty solid, James is awesome you don’t even know and
beatrice so far has all been by the spirit.I’m feelin good about them.
We just gotta get them to read the BOM i found out. I guess some of
the people we were teaching hadn’t been reading like i thought they
were so I’ve focused a little more on that and it’s importance in
gaining a testimony. Tomorrow we are going to Dichempso to the mission
tour and so i’ll get to see all the missionaries in that zone. I’ll
see my trainer. It’s pretty cool. I surprisingly miss him. I know it
sounds not straight but I imagine this is what I’ll feel like as I get
closer to coming home. The knowledge that I’ll be seeing you guys
again will start getting me ansy and stuff. Whatevs. Talk to yall
later. Your most beloved Asin faa ko fo. It’s supposed to be
missionary but when I tell people that it’s hit and miss for
understanding. It means something like the word go brought person. It
seems to fit so I’ll keep using it.
Your Asinfaakofoo
Elder Holder

Email 2/20/2012

Dear family,

that blind folded activity was sweet. It’ll take too long to explain
but it was sweet. Ya I think that my group was the surge to get ready
for the mission split but i’m not sure. Elder Wheeler is in the next
zone over Dichempso. He actually called yesterday to see how some
investigators were doing and I guess things have sucked for him a
little bit. I also realized that I actually miss him a little bit. It
sounds like I’m a little gay for him I know but it’s in a totally
straight way. Now that I’ve started training I feel like I’ve been
doing it since the start of my mission and it feels the same for my
companion. I feel like I’ve just been with him ever since ever but
it’s really only been a week now. Kinda weird. If you guys sent all
that stuff in flat rates I think you can stuff them more but I’ll see
when i get them. I’m most excited for the photos. Garrett’s lucky he
gets to be in the states for a bit longer and I knew about Kylie’s
thing for awhile. I’ll start thinking about the Bahams more and that’s
so sad to hear about sister Baham. Have they all have fun at the high
adventure camp. It’ll be a little different. Especially since the past
few years have been so intense before. Tell Kathy sorry about Minnie
but at least Minnie will be in sweet sweet celestial animal paradise.
I read that somewhere in D+C but I don’t remember where but it’s
there. And tell her thanks for keeping the Ranger alive. Tell Tristan
good work and tell Trae not to get too into video games. It’s the one
thing that sucks about being on mission. I realized i won’t play video
games forever. A little depressing I know but I’ll have a little bit
before I forsake them. I like the quote that Grandma and Grandpa sent.
And Mom I guess the only thing left for you to do is to pray about
what God wants for you. Sometimes we get tunnel vision on things we
think we need to do but every once in awhile just chill and listen. I
tried super hard to get three of our investigators baptized this last
week and when none of them were I was disappointed. I heard just we’ve
done our part and that gave me peace. Sorry gotta cut it short. 1
minute left
love you guys. Miss you writt more next week
Elder holder

E-Mail 2-13-2012

Seku responds to letter concerning his photo from last week.

Dearest Beloved family,

Mike I’m sorry but What the Heck!? Do you know how much it sucks here sometimes? I thought you would since you went to Chile and had to clean all your own stuff and cook all your own food. Oh wait you had a maid that did all that stuff for you. You lived like a king on your mission or so you say. Then there’s all the normal strains of being on mission, working all day, being tired all night, and then having people that you have grown to love fail you when it’s their time to come into the fold of Jesus Christ. When it’s their time to truly accept the gospel and then they simply don’t come to church that day. I won’t lie to you sometimes it sucks  here a lot. I know you just trying to keep me doing the best i can, trying to help me be the best that  I can be and who our Father in Heaven wants me to be, but you need to let me have what little fun I can here. If I don’t I will be absolutely miserable and it will show in all that I do. As missionaries we can’t become someone else. I can’t be elder Oviatt, elder Wheeler, elder Hansen, I need to be Elder Holder. The scriptures even say that the Lord will use our interests, our cares, our habits even to help spread the gospel. Just let me be me. Anyways training has been fun. My new companion is Elder Hansen from Murray.  he wants to work hard and that’s all you need in a companion.  He’s eager to learn and that means he’ll pick up stuff fast. It’ll be interesting to see what he’s like in three months. As for spiderman i thought they would have picked a bigger villain than the Lizard. He does alright but it’s not like the green goblin or the kingpin. Even the shocker would have been a good one but I don’t know what they are trying to do with those movies so. It’s awesome that devin is working at subway now he will be able to make sweet awesome sandwiches for his companion on his mission. They will love him. I will love him even more when makes them for me when he gets home from his mission. It won’t be as epic as if it was me coming home and theres just a sweet subway style homemade sandwich waiting for me. I would tear into that thing like nobody’s business. sucks for Garrett. I thought he would already be in Argentina. Just tell him to enjoy America before he heads out.  Tell John congratulations. Tell Devin to learn the first 3 lessons really well. That’s what people need before they can be baptized and then to study lesson 4. Have him look at the later chapters too so he can see different ways to study or intorduce yourself to people and what not. As for the pics, I’m sorry. We were already late this morning and so i forgot to grab my usb cord and this is the best place to send pics. I odn’t know the next time i’ll be up this way but I’ll just a whole tons of pics that day to sate your hunger for pictures of Ghana. Mike one thing you can do for your lessons is that when you pray just to aks for the spirit to be there to help with the lesson as you start the class. I don’t know if that’s practical or anything  but it should help. Mom that new job sounds sweet. You just gotta be a little more forward. You can be forceful when you want to you just got let it out. Make sure Jason stays out of trouble. And Say hi To Kathy for me. Peace family. Oh and did you get my letter yet? I don’t remember. I wrote it back in January and I have no idea how long it will take.

Your beloved Brofo missonary
 Elder Holder

E-Mail 2-6-2012

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Dear Family,

      Well it’s the start of a new week so I guess that is well. There was no duty that I had to pay though I have to say you probably could have packed it with more sweet stuff but that’s ok. I’m excited to get peanut butter because it’ll make my delicious groundnut taste like crap and when i’m finished with it I’ll get the joy of groundnut paste becoming good again. The snickers works out well too. For this months month mark I plan to take that last cookie, get some fan ice (ice cream), and some snickers and make a legit ice cream thing like from back home. Photo’s will be the best though. Mckay seems to be having some of the same problems I am. With people who say all churches are good and trying to get them to recognize the spirit and things. I guess it’s like that wherever you go. I dunno. As for the staff member I have no idea. that is not my area of expertise sounds like he has to become pretty hardcore though. Got me. As for the fast for family and things how is does that one work? I have been praying for all our inactive and or nonmember family members. so with this one we fast and pray for 21 days or we fast and then after we pray for them for 21 days. If it’s the first one is just like a day fast  for every day? I dunno I’m going to assume it’s the second. I’ve already started doing it small but now I have a goal I guess. I haven’t hit my 4 month mark yet. That won’t be until feb. 28. I still have 22 days. That is is super obnoxious that both kylie and mckay have hit their half ways. That’s so dumb it’s not even funny. whatevs. I’ll forget about it I guess. Good luck on the teaching in your class Mike. As for the dogs seeing the dogs here you should definitely show them some more love. Otherwise they’ll start being abused and things. I want happy dogs when i get back. Next I guess i’ll go through this past weeks disappointments. The entire week just sucked. No one kept their appointments. Everyone was trying to be difficult and we worked hard to get our people interviewed for baptism. It took a lot. Numbers wise this has been mine and elder wheeler’s worst week. All the baptisms are worth it though right? Oh wait I forgot, two days before his baptism Kwaame went back to his drinking, the day of the baptism Akosia ended up going to her home town and she wasn’t able to make it, and we already know about Asha. four baptisms planned and we got whittled down to one. It was a pretty sweet one but still. I was not happy O. The kids all week were just pushing my buttons, the adults tried seeing how far they could push me. Oh gosh, I’m glad this past week is done and a wonderful new week has begun. My new companion and I are totally going to tear up Asuoyeboa like nobody’s business. The People are just going to be blown away. they’ll talk to us for five minutes and be committed for bapitsm and they’ll be left wondering when they committed in that 5 minutes. they won’t stand a chance against Elder Holder and Elder Mystery. Mother, if your interviewer told you about boldness maybe you should read up on Captain Moroni. Alma chapters 45-60ish. If there is one bold guy in the scriptures it’s him. Learn to rely on that God whom you love and the confidence will come, the boldness will come, and the blessings will come. I wish I had brought some of the mission library with me so i could do some reading but I’ll just have to get it sometime during mission. I also some sweet stuff that I thought about buying for peeps but it was too expensive. one day one day though when i find some cheaper things or if i am more confident about money I’ll be able to get some stuff. what would you like anyway? I wouldn’t say any clothes because i have no idea how to get them the right size for everyone but if there’s anything else i might be able to a little somethin somethin. As for Devin I’m proud of you. I’m just thinking of last and good freakin’ job. Wo ah dea. You ‘ve done well.  You should send me a cool superhero quote that you’ve heard lately so i can run through my mind a thousand times. Well peace guys. Talks later
Your favorite missionary
Elder Holder