E-Mail 1/30/12

Dear family,
 Proselyting has sucked the last few weeks because on combined p day I rolled my ankle and it has just barely started feeling a bit better. some mornings it feels super bad but as i walk on it more i can just ignore it. Elder wheeler and i have also started running some mornings. I kind of like it i think i will try to keep it going over the next two transfers. I also got a cold. How ridiculous is that? I sweat about 90% of the time and i got a cold. It hasn’t stopped me from going out but it just sucks.  The worst runny nose i’ve had in a long time. And a headache!. I don’t get headaches. So next week I’ll start being a new trainer with my new companion. That’s right my beloved elder wheeler will be leaving me. He’s off to go to do bigger and better things. I hope he’s still in my area though but he’ll go where he’s needed. Mom and mike i got your packages. I already finished those redvines a few days ago. Thanks for all the stuff. Our Baptismal hopefuls went down one this past sunday. Asha said she was coming to church. We went to go pick her and we told her that too. She wasn’t there obviously and she never ended up coming to the church. She can’t be baptized this week. we’ll try again for the next baptism. I didn’t notice until like two days ago but i’ve gotted pretty freakin’ dark. just my face and my arms though. even from the mtc i am way darker. I also had my 3 month mark two days ago. That’s right Elder holder All up in ghana for 3 months, only 21 months to go. Booya!!!!.  Sorry this one is  a little shorter but i have to write some other people real fast. Talk to you lter.
Elder Hold3er


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