E-Mail 1-16-2012

Dear Beloved family,

guys didn’t have anything happen again this week. hmm well maybe nothing happened this week for me either. I’m just kidding.  Tell all the wardies sorry and i’ll pray for them. Tell Devin to get a job at Zupas they’ll take him no doubt. He probably won’t like it but it’s a job i guess. I have not gotten your packages yet and i just barely got a package form my dad that was meant for christmas.  Guess what? the zl found a place and after all this we’re going for burgers and fries baby whooooooo!!!! I’m actually super excited about it. I’m also trying to figure out a better spending plan so i’ll last the next month. I think i’ll figure it out. We just barely found out they were splitting the mission too. We weren’t sure though how they were going to send the missionaries or who was going to come to announce it so to hear elder holland is coming is pretty freakin’ sweet. I would say i’m already used to most of the food. There is still some stuff that I haven’t eaten and some of the weirder meats but everything else i just do what elder wheeler first told me and don’t think about it and just pop it in. As for your packages the pb would have been awesome but the Red vines are still awesome. so thank you. Hearing your guy’s washer problems i dunno maybe you could just start washing by hand. It’s not too bad. It just takes a long time is all. Just get some buckets of water, soap for your clothes, and go out side and scrub then you can hang them on the clothesline. Kwaame is a hopeful for feb. 5. Lately we haven’t been able to meet him because he’s out working which is good because that means he’s not out drinking. It’s been weird to see the change that has come over him. he’s completely different form how he was. I just barely tried my debit card and i can get money from there. I just don’t know how much i have in there so i only took out 5 cedis. It came from my savings so keep that in mind. tell Jenny sorry about her kids and that there is still a mission nephew in ghana who loves her. I don’t think i’m losing weight but i might be we don’t have a scale. I haven’t been as hungry all the time so whatevs. I eat a lot of sandwiches. Fufu, real fufu, takes way too long to prepare. you have to get the fufu ready from the cassava and then prepare a soup or stew to go with it. I just don’t think thats practical for a missionary. I sent kylie a message and told her i may have instantly developed a crush on other sisters in her area. You don’t find too many nice girls in ghana. More power to ya. my last thing. Have you guys ever thought about the little doubts that come into your mind and how hosed you’ll be if one of them takes hold and you fall away. I have. Everytime the thought comes in I say I can’t because i do know this is true no matter what i’m having trouble with. If i was going to fall away i should have done before my testimony was this big. oh i started a scorecard. right now it’s Elder holder 2, Ghana-1. I still need to figure out the rules but we’ll get it. anyways goodbye Family Love you
  Elder Holder

Elder Holder and Elder Wheeler's Baptisms in Dec.


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