1-9-2012 E-Mail

Dear Family,
I wish I had snow. Instead it’s hot and humid and i sweat almost all
the time except for when i’m taking my cold showers. well except for
this past week. The lady outside has been filling up a ton of buckets
so we never have water in the morning. I’ve pretty much only taken
bucket showers this past week. Their still cold. We also don’t have
any power, Again so I can’t run a fan while i sleep so i sweat and
it’s hot sleeping too. Sooooo i wish we had snow here.It’s kind of
funny i saw a forecast on one of the newspapers this week and I
thought to myself ” What could it say?” 80-85 degrees with humidity
every day for the next month. It’s gotta be something like that.
During dry season it does not change much at all. It’s dusty and hot.
Sorry about all your financial troubles that sucks a ton but don’t
worry about it. I’m sure something will happen to take care of
everything. I wouldn’t say i ve been financially secure out her with
my sub either but i’ll make. I have a little more than 20 cedis to
last till next monday. I just need some bread and eggs and peanut
butter and something for breakfast. It won’t be an enjoyable week but
i’ll make it through. Thank you so much for sending peanut butter.
It’s so much better than groundnut for sandwiches. I’m pretty sure
i’ll finish it this week but it’s ok. Sucks for devin about his whole
job thing. Maybe he can shovel snow for a living or something like
that. I also forgot to tell you that i found my patriarchal blessing
forever ago. I think i tried telling you in a email that didn’t sendd.
Otherwise i would have complained a lot more about it every week. The
packages should get to me as long as there’s nothing too good inside
them but that’s alright. Good luck to you guys on your jobs, money,
and things. I’ll pray for a little extra blessings to blow your way.
As for my five investigators i don’t remember which ones i told you
about. The one i hoping on right now is Kwaame. He’s stopped drinking
and the people in his compound respect him now. Everyone there has
seen the change so it’s awesome taht he’s being an example of the
church to them. Elder wheeler is still awesome but i’m trying to get
ready for him to be transferred away. That part kind of sucks but I’ll
most likely be with a new companion in the asuoyeboa area. Bro. Kibs
is doing great. Aye Pa. He comes to church every sunday on his
crutches and gets there before most people. He’s awesome. Elder Gagne is a chill guy. He likes music and friends and stuff. I dunno. He’s
American I guess. I’m not sure what you want me to say about. He works
hard and has a lot of good ideas. We have a bunch of hopefuls being
baptized on the feb. 5 and one on the 15th of this month. We were
hoping for more on the 15 but they all fell through. That’s good that
all that stuff happened to devin. Now he’s just that much more
prepared. I gave a blessing fairly early in my mission like within a
few weeks. ya that’s good. As for wearing a suit all day I have no
idea what that’s like. The only time i’ve even worn a long sleeve was
to go to the temple and that was way back in the mtc. one funny story
then i’m done. Elder wheeler and i  went to go see a lady that we ahd
dropped and we talked to grandmother who didn’t know english. We were
having a hard time then the lady just busted out some english. She’s
understood everything that weve said. I was like what. Well i gotta
go. Peace out Love you
your son
Elder Holder


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