E-Mail 1-2-12

Dear Family,

      You have given me a ton to write about and i don’t think i will be able to respond to everything. I sent a letter to you guys it should be there  before the end of the month i hope. Thank you for sending me red vines, that’s so glorious. I’ll add them to my stash. Tell Garrett not to complain about learning the language because they’re actually teaching him Ghana tre me kasa twi. i have to learn straight up from the field. People who actually get taught the basics are so lucky and they go somewhere where it’s just that language. Garrett will pick it up fast. Time for mom’s  questions.1. I enjoy when people actually come through for you. Yesterday Elder Wheeler and I had 5 investigators come to church. It was  awesome. For some of them I think that one visit will keep tehm coming.2. All the people lie in one way or another but they’re always willing to listen to what you have to say just not always willing to do. They’re reallly stuck inculture.3.I’m not sure exactly. I just go and i do.Hopefully people will accept the message.5.Just working with Elder Wheeler and learning all i can from him. He’s a powerful missionary and i think that’s why Pres. Shulz made him my trainer.6.  No I kind of enjoy having companion study. Gives extra insight and sometimes we get distracted with our discussions.7. That everyone is super chill with everything.  If we end up being late or busy it doesn’t matter.8. making my money last, strength, that people will come to church, i dunno normal mission things i guess. 9. No idea on spiritual i’m sure there’s Brebre (plenty) as for physical I want to eat all the time and it ends up distracting me. I could probably exercise more too. 11. Feeling sorrow for people who reject the message and actually like and i dunno i cant explain it all the way. and feeling joy when people comethrough for you.12. Not exactly like a recent convert or anything but Bro kibs. He has one leg and when i first met him he was super sick. No one was really visiting him except fro a few and he couldn’t get around but he had  a steadfast faith. We gave him a blessing and now we see him on his crutches coming to church every sunday. 13. Everybody in  the e apt. is chill. I enjoy all them. I guess Elder Gagne’s mom reads the blog so Hi Mrs. Gagne. They all work hard and just go out and do what they’re supposed to. Sweet done with that. All the food stuff you talked about inthe email, that’s just mean now. That’s sounds so good right now, you don’t even know. Baptism is great way to start off the year, I hope that we can have a babtism on the 15 of the month. I’m not sure if that’s goingto happen though. Definitely feb. 5 ythough. You guys can still send me food stuff. If you give me money that’s most likely what i’ll spend it on. Non ghanaian food. I want buy some other stuff that i’ve seen like masks and things but i need to learn to budget better before i can do taht. Bythe end of my missioni should be good though. I’ve actually been living off indo me which is like top


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