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E-Mail 1/30/12

Dear family,
 Proselyting has sucked the last few weeks because on combined p day I rolled my ankle and it has just barely started feeling a bit better. some mornings it feels super bad but as i walk on it more i can just ignore it. Elder wheeler and i have also started running some mornings. I kind of like it i think i will try to keep it going over the next two transfers. I also got a cold. How ridiculous is that? I sweat about 90% of the time and i got a cold. It hasn’t stopped me from going out but it just sucks.  The worst runny nose i’ve had in a long time. And a headache!. I don’t get headaches. So next week I’ll start being a new trainer with my new companion. That’s right my beloved elder wheeler will be leaving me. He’s off to go to do bigger and better things. I hope he’s still in my area though but he’ll go where he’s needed. Mom and mike i got your packages. I already finished those redvines a few days ago. Thanks for all the stuff. Our Baptismal hopefuls went down one this past sunday. Asha said she was coming to church. We went to go pick her and we told her that too. She wasn’t there obviously and she never ended up coming to the church. She can’t be baptized this week. we’ll try again for the next baptism. I didn’t notice until like two days ago but i’ve gotted pretty freakin’ dark. just my face and my arms though. even from the mtc i am way darker. I also had my 3 month mark two days ago. That’s right Elder holder All up in ghana for 3 months, only 21 months to go. Booya!!!!.  Sorry this one is  a little shorter but i have to write some other people real fast. Talk to you lter.
Elder Hold3er


E-Mail 1/23/2012 2 e-mails

Dear glorious family,
  I’m not going to lie I had no idea what yuo guys were talking about
at first with the whole doubts thing. I couldn’t remember a thing that
i wrote last week. I don’t think yu quite got the point but it;s cool.
Whatevs everythings chill in Asuoyeboa.  Anyways thanks for the words
of support and encouragement they’ll do me good here. The peanut
butter i’m sorry is just amazing but you don’t have to send me just
peanut butter, you can send me some other stuff too. I just barely got
my dad’s christmas package last monday and I’ve been enjoying for a
bit. It’s been nice but just like everything else it will come to an
end. Tell Terri i got her letter from christmas and it was awesome. I
enjoyed it a ton. Your guy’s packages haven’t made it yet but i
m expecting it. I also haven’t sent my letter to you either so sorry.
Some of the stuff will be old news by the time it gets to you. Let’s
see, investigators are two sweet guys: kwaame you already know and
steven who just came to church one day and now he’s being baptized on
the 5th. Hopefuls are akosia and asha but it all depends on if they
keep coming to church. Elder Wheeler and I did have one guy who we met
randomly one day and we didn’t think he was serious. He ended up
coming to church without us doing anything really so now we’re trying
to figure out where he lives and what he’s doing so we can go teach
him. His name is Ben. He could turn out to be a sweet guy. I ate a
super sweet cookie that you guys sent and it’s still awesome. I’m
doing alright on the whole sub money thing even though we all blew a
ton of cash at that burger place. I got two burgers and me and gagne
split a pizza. Fries and drink with that. 21 cedis. I spent 14 dollars american. It’s kind of sad that that is a big blow to my budget.  It
was soooo good though. Partway through i had to tell myself to slow
down because i wsa eating way too fast. It was a bit ridiculous.
Anyway the biggest news for today is that i found out that i am going
to be training next transfer. Gagne and me both are. Which is weird
because i dont think too many are coming this time and there will be
two in the same apartment. three in the same district. one of the
Abuakwa guys is going to be training too. That’s honestly the only i
can remember. It’s the biggest news and it’s occupying my mind right
now. It’s going to be so epic. I was going to write some peeps today
and tell them to send me some letters but i forgot my email sheet.
I’ll have to do it next week. Well that’s the news i got peace fam,
Your ghanaian missionary
Elder Holder

Yur email was good i enjoyed it a lot. Ya the packages thing kind of
sucks. Both kwaame and steven are going to be baptized on the 5th.
Akosia and asha are the same if they show their faith. Ben we just
met. He said he would come and check it out and so he did. We’ll see
how he turns will be sick!. you guys should ask around
and see if anyone else from your neck of the woods is coming here so i
can guess on who i’m getting. :The burgers and pizza were so good but
that’s a far away memory now. exercising is tough. Just stick with it
and hopefully you’ll get some results. For me I’m not really looking
to lose weight but gain some muscle hopefully. I think my arms did get
a tiny bit bigger not too much. My pecs are sexy and my abs are
slightly more defined than before. Not too much has happend. I forgot
to tell you a funny story from a week or tow ago. I was on splits and
we stopped by this chick that called us over the day before. After
doing some stuff for her family I started talking about visiting her
and while i’m talking to her face, her eyes run down my body and come
back to my face. She acted like nothing was up and I was just oh my
gosh. I can’t believe that just happened. She’s not serious at all.
needless to say we haven’t talked to her since. iT’S TIME FOR ME to
get of ff talk to you next week.

Christmas in Ghana 1-16-12

Elders Gagne and Nelson

Elder Holder’s Apartment 1/16/12

Elder Holder's Apartment

E-Mail 1-16-2012

Dear Beloved family,

guys didn’t have anything happen again this week. hmm well maybe nothing happened this week for me either. I’m just kidding.  Tell all the wardies sorry and i’ll pray for them. Tell Devin to get a job at Zupas they’ll take him no doubt. He probably won’t like it but it’s a job i guess. I have not gotten your packages yet and i just barely got a package form my dad that was meant for christmas.  Guess what? the zl found a place and after all this we’re going for burgers and fries baby whooooooo!!!! I’m actually super excited about it. I’m also trying to figure out a better spending plan so i’ll last the next month. I think i’ll figure it out. We just barely found out they were splitting the mission too. We weren’t sure though how they were going to send the missionaries or who was going to come to announce it so to hear elder holland is coming is pretty freakin’ sweet. I would say i’m already used to most of the food. There is still some stuff that I haven’t eaten and some of the weirder meats but everything else i just do what elder wheeler first told me and don’t think about it and just pop it in. As for your packages the pb would have been awesome but the Red vines are still awesome. so thank you. Hearing your guy’s washer problems i dunno maybe you could just start washing by hand. It’s not too bad. It just takes a long time is all. Just get some buckets of water, soap for your clothes, and go out side and scrub then you can hang them on the clothesline. Kwaame is a hopeful for feb. 5. Lately we haven’t been able to meet him because he’s out working which is good because that means he’s not out drinking. It’s been weird to see the change that has come over him. he’s completely different form how he was. I just barely tried my debit card and i can get money from there. I just don’t know how much i have in there so i only took out 5 cedis. It came from my savings so keep that in mind. tell Jenny sorry about her kids and that there is still a mission nephew in ghana who loves her. I don’t think i’m losing weight but i might be we don’t have a scale. I haven’t been as hungry all the time so whatevs. I eat a lot of sandwiches. Fufu, real fufu, takes way too long to prepare. you have to get the fufu ready from the cassava and then prepare a soup or stew to go with it. I just don’t think thats practical for a missionary. I sent kylie a message and told her i may have instantly developed a crush on other sisters in her area. You don’t find too many nice girls in ghana. More power to ya. my last thing. Have you guys ever thought about the little doubts that come into your mind and how hosed you’ll be if one of them takes hold and you fall away. I have. Everytime the thought comes in I say I can’t because i do know this is true no matter what i’m having trouble with. If i was going to fall away i should have done before my testimony was this big. oh i started a scorecard. right now it’s Elder holder 2, Ghana-1. I still need to figure out the rules but we’ll get it. anyways goodbye Family Love you
  Elder Holder

Elder Holder and Elder Wheeler's Baptisms in Dec.

1-9-2012 E-Mail

Dear Family,
I wish I had snow. Instead it’s hot and humid and i sweat almost all
the time except for when i’m taking my cold showers. well except for
this past week. The lady outside has been filling up a ton of buckets
so we never have water in the morning. I’ve pretty much only taken
bucket showers this past week. Their still cold. We also don’t have
any power, Again so I can’t run a fan while i sleep so i sweat and
it’s hot sleeping too. Sooooo i wish we had snow here.It’s kind of
funny i saw a forecast on one of the newspapers this week and I
thought to myself ” What could it say?” 80-85 degrees with humidity
every day for the next month. It’s gotta be something like that.
During dry season it does not change much at all. It’s dusty and hot.
Sorry about all your financial troubles that sucks a ton but don’t
worry about it. I’m sure something will happen to take care of
everything. I wouldn’t say i ve been financially secure out her with
my sub either but i’ll make. I have a little more than 20 cedis to
last till next monday. I just need some bread and eggs and peanut
butter and something for breakfast. It won’t be an enjoyable week but
i’ll make it through. Thank you so much for sending peanut butter.
It’s so much better than groundnut for sandwiches. I’m pretty sure
i’ll finish it this week but it’s ok. Sucks for devin about his whole
job thing. Maybe he can shovel snow for a living or something like
that. I also forgot to tell you that i found my patriarchal blessing
forever ago. I think i tried telling you in a email that didn’t sendd.
Otherwise i would have complained a lot more about it every week. The
packages should get to me as long as there’s nothing too good inside
them but that’s alright. Good luck to you guys on your jobs, money,
and things. I’ll pray for a little extra blessings to blow your way.
As for my five investigators i don’t remember which ones i told you
about. The one i hoping on right now is Kwaame. He’s stopped drinking
and the people in his compound respect him now. Everyone there has
seen the change so it’s awesome taht he’s being an example of the
church to them. Elder wheeler is still awesome but i’m trying to get
ready for him to be transferred away. That part kind of sucks but I’ll
most likely be with a new companion in the asuoyeboa area. Bro. Kibs
is doing great. Aye Pa. He comes to church every sunday on his
crutches and gets there before most people. He’s awesome. Elder Gagne is a chill guy. He likes music and friends and stuff. I dunno. He’s
American I guess. I’m not sure what you want me to say about. He works
hard and has a lot of good ideas. We have a bunch of hopefuls being
baptized on the feb. 5 and one on the 15th of this month. We were
hoping for more on the 15 but they all fell through. That’s good that
all that stuff happened to devin. Now he’s just that much more
prepared. I gave a blessing fairly early in my mission like within a
few weeks. ya that’s good. As for wearing a suit all day I have no
idea what that’s like. The only time i’ve even worn a long sleeve was
to go to the temple and that was way back in the mtc. one funny story
then i’m done. Elder wheeler and i  went to go see a lady that we ahd
dropped and we talked to grandmother who didn’t know english. We were
having a hard time then the lady just busted out some english. She’s
understood everything that weve said. I was like what. Well i gotta
go. Peace out Love you
your son
Elder Holder