Email From Elder Holder 12/26/2011

Hey guys,
  I’m just sending some pictures that i’ve taken since I’ve been here. How many i send depends on how fast the computer goes. There are a few of christmas, a few of me, a couple ghana sunsets, and a few of the apartment. Thank you for all the stuff you guys sent me, the hard part is going to be to make sure that it lasts. Christmas was weird because it wasn’t with family but it was still good. The day after is pretty hard. I hit like a small  depression before hitting up this place. We also almost didn’t get to email today. I guess some people in ghana celebrate christmas for three days, the 24th, 25th, and the 26th. All the cafes in my area were closed and then the ones that were open didn’t have a link. The one i’m at now just barely got a link. The pics take too long so you guys are going to have to wait until i can get to the cafe in town. It’ll be alot faster. I’m not sure what two pics your getting but that’s just a little bit of what i’ve been doing here. alright enjoy
  Elder Holder


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