Merry Christmas from Ghana (Elder Holder Phones Home)

Elder Holder called today he is doing well. he has not yet ate “coat” (a slice of cow skin) His companion is Elder Wheeler from Bountiful, his dad is Jon Wheeler. I, (Mike Oviatt went to school with him. He’s not a member). Elder Holder believes no one is truly prepared for the food of their mission. We reminded him that he is in a third world country. The Misison President spoke to him about eating. What they landed on is Elder Holder needs to budget his money better and he needs to learn to eat African. He needs to learn to cook stews.Elder Holder has still been trying to eat American which is expensive. Elder Holder said the cookies from are the bomb and he’d love some more. He is wanting canned goods and photos. He is in a town 2 hrs. north of Cape Coast. He will send us the name of the town. For Christmas The Mission President had a meeting with them on Friday and let them watch a movie about rugby . They also had a fried chicken dinner with stir fried rice and custard for dessert. He and his companion comfirmed a family they baptized today. He said they were really strong.  He said it’s hard being on a english speaking mission in a country where a lot of people don’t speak english. He has to talk real slow. He said his mission is bitter seet. I told him I had just read in Roman’s where Paul taught we have tribulations to teach us patience. from them we gain experience and from experience we gain hope. Seku said they had the power go out just about every night. He is 7 hours head from Utah. He will have his companion until February. In Feb. he will probably be a trainer. We told him he better learn to cook by then so he can teach his companion. He lives in an apartment with 2 other Elders (both American). He told us a story that while they were at the Christmas dinner they got a text from Elder’s in another district telling them that the road to the Ivory Coast was open and the police were out in force. They were warned they better find a way to get home so they weren’t arrested. They had been bussed to another area for the dinner. While they were panicing and scrambling trying to figure out what to do a text came thru saying “Just kidding!” So now they are plotting their revenge.Seku says he has his debit card so now he has to figure out if he can use it. That will make it easier for him to pay the duty on packages. Elder Holder and his companion live in their area so they walk. The other companionship have a ways to go so they either walk or ride bikes. Where the bikes come from Seku didn’t say. Elder Holder is sounding good.


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