Dec. 19, 2011 Elder Holder Reports Baptisms

Dear Beloved family,

       I was going to send pictures of the people that were baptized but my camera just barely died. I was also going to send some of the apartment and stuff but yeahh. Well the baptism was awesome. I was only supposed to baptize like one or two people but Sister Akose’s son didn’t show up because he was sick so I baptized her and her daughters and then two others. I got to baptize 6 people. Honestly I feel like I could go home right now, maybe after another baptism or so oh wait i have to be here for two years doing all this stuff. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the mission goes. Elder Wheeler and I did do really well to start off because seven people is a lot. and they’re families. He tells me most missionaries baptize maybe two families their whole mission. The Africa west is supposed to be one of the leading baptizing missions so maybe things will trun out good here. Mom I remember that message and i sent that because I was running out of time and i knew that you would be reading mike’s message so ya that was kind of for all of you. Back to the baptism. Next week i will make sure that my camera is charged so i can send you those pics. I was a little bit worried about baptizing sister akose. She’s a big woman and I am SMALL. She came in and I said what i was supposed to and dipped her and i was about to bring her back up when i noticed her elbow wasn’t under so i dropped her down just a bit more to make sure before pulling her back up.  It turned out alright. Her eldest daughter was fine, probably the best out all the people i baptized. But the young daughters. before them let me tell you a fun fact, Ghanaians may have a mild fear of water. Elder wheeler said his first companion told him this for his first baptism, “they’re like cats, you just gotta shove them under and pull them back up”. Well the first daughter, Adjewa, She opened her mouth just before going under and thrashed a little bit, i had to urry and pull her up to make sure she was ok. We ended up doing it again. Her sister did the same thing but she handled it a little bit better. I felt bad but it had to be done. sister mary did ok even with her bum knee and so did Derek. It was a good day well for the start. Later on Elder wheeler was sick so we had to stay home for the night and while the other companionship was proselyting i was pondering some things that were bugging me.  I had to pray and i actually  cried. It was weird because i haven’t cried in years and here i am crying in a prayer. It makes me understand a lot more the scriptures that say “cry unto the lord”. i always thought they just meant pray a ton or pray hard but i have better understanding now. As for the food and things they aren’t too bad. I eat some top ramen type stuff a lot and some bread and egg. make french toast every once in awhile and pancakes. I’m trying ot get more breakfast stuff os i can have something heavy. Ya i need ot budget my money and everything but it’s not like there are any restaurants for me to blow my money on. The only thing i spend money on is food and it’s pretty much on what i listed above. just stuff for that. though today i got some groundnut, jam, and syrup. along with a candy bar some doughnut type things and breakfast like cornmeal. Ya it was 41 cedis. It’s hard eating well sometimes. Christmas is almost here and i’m getting excited to open stuff. I’m super curious about what’s in them. I’ll probably make french toast and use the syrup i bought for it.  and eat that candy bar, it’ll bomb. I’ll be enjoying. There were some people i thought who would be at church who weren’t. legitamitely disappointing. But Felicia came. I also found out how much easier it is to teach someone when they understand english. We had one sister millicent who did her assignment and we got through almost a whole lesson with her. I hope she’ll be converted but she won’t come to church for three months because she has a new born. It’s a ghana thing. well I gotta go. Hope this see you at the speed of internet. Talk to you in a week. Love you all and be strong and of a good courage.
Your Bestest Elder
     Elder Holder

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