Letter Received Dec. 17, 2011 (written Dec. 5, 20110

Dear Family,

P-days are becoming depressing because I haven’t been able to talk to anyone for the most part. I hope today will be different w/ that new account I made elderholder@yahoo.com. (He’s since fixed the seku.holder@myldsmail.net) I really hope you guys were able to get my messages. Apparently the mission pouch takes forever to get letters there so I don’t think I want to use it. I’m not even sure if you guys got my last few letters. I’m not sure if I told you but I guess my Mission President knows my Grandma Pauline and Grandpa Fedor. He built a house for them when they came from Liberia. It’s pretty neat. Ghana is definitely bitter sweet. The people are so relaxed about everything, so it’s not all bad that we’re late for appointments, but it’s also hard to get them to commit to anything. I’m tired of people lying to us too. The kids are funny but wherever we go we hear bruni (white guy). Hundreds of times a day gets a little obnoxious. Oh and if any more kids ask me for money I smack them. One sad thing I’m not sure what’s abused more the kids or the dogs. They both can get pretty bad. The dogs are all mutts but they basically all look the same. There are few dogs that are actually big dogs. Most of the time they’re not much bigger than Topper. I’m picking up Twi small small. I’m also picking up some expressions they say here. Small small is brofo (English) for kakraka kra, usually I’ll say oti Twi kakrakakra. I speak Twi small small. There are some people here I love others that I just hate. Obviously I love our investigators who are getting baptized. We have a powerful lady Sister Akosa . We taught her one day, she came to church the next day and she’s ready to be baptized on the 17th of this month. Also she’s pretty much getting her whole family to baptize.


She already loves the church, it’s awesome. Then we have another we call Old Mary. She’s 70+ yrs old. Has a bum knee but still walks to church every Sunday. Here’s a funny story about another investigator. She’s also Mary. We were going over Baptismal interview Questions w/ her. She didn’t understand the law of chastity so we started explaining it.   Her child was making a fuss so just before we finished explaining the law Mary pops it out and starts breast feeding. It happens a lot here. We have a group baptism on the 17th with a goodly number being baptized. It should be good. You guys might know my companion’s dad. He went to Woods cross around the same time you did. I don’t remember the first name but it will be a Wheeler. Oh you guys need to send me your phone numbers so I can call you on Christmas. Either try both e-mail and letters to make sure I get them. I’m worried I’m losing weight here. I sweat all the time and sometimes I don’t have enough to eat. They give us little sustenance money. It’s about $90 dollars a month which is low even for here. It’s not too low but it’s still low. Our power I off and on and water is sketchy some days. Oh and if you guys think laundry was fun wait till you do it by hand. It’s a blast. It takes like two hours of scrubbing. Well I’ll finish, hopefully I’ll be able to e-mail today. If you could send it I really would like nail clippers, a good glasses cleaner (mine sucks) and some good ole American food i.e. non perishable candy, PB, Cosmic brownies? You know the good stuff. Don’t send too big though because I have to pay a duty on it. Love you guys.

-Elder Holder


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