Elder Holder is Sounding Better

I still couldn’t read all your emails but I think I have my stuff figured out now, hopefully. No pics this time but hopefully i can get some next week. First things first. Elder Wheeler and decided that we would be calling you guys at 4 on Christmas. It would be about 9 o closk your time. its a 7 hour difference so i think its alright. Tell me your numbers next week and if that time works for you. So i read a message that came after this one about the thought of florida and ghana and england and i was like ” wait a minute, who the crap is going to england” and its devin. We’re the zero parallel brothers and the Atlantic ocean three!!! That\s pretty sick!  Your packages got here finally and holy cow what did you guys send. The duty for both of them was 24 cedis. That’s about 16 dollars. The shipping on those looked like they sucked. I don’t wanna be whiner but i hope that its not top ramen because we have that here and i actually like another brand better. its called indo me it adds a spice to the noodles that top ramen doesn’t have. Anyway i\m sure ill be happy with whatever it is. I can’t believe Justen is a zone leader. I’ve met my zone leaders theyre pretty sweet.  Justen will be awesome. The last time i saw president he talked on how we shouldn’t use anything but ldsmail so i was like oh crap. but hopefully i wont’ be retarded and will be able to keep getting it to work. I’ve told you about my baptisms and stuff this sunday. I think to celebrate i will make some french toast and buy a mineral (soda) the day before. Ghana is treating me better and i’m starting to pick up on some twi. not much so far but its coming. I hope i will get it soon because elder wheeler won’t be with me forever. I did learn an insult or two. The first one is wedjie me-you are a fool and krasini-villager. apparently on the second one people will get pissed. but i think i’ll use them when i get home. I could go for some good american food right now. half the stuff the four americans in our apt talk about is food and then investigors and other things. I’m learning lots from the scriptures. The biggest thing i learned is to find parallels between the old testament and Bom. It’s powerful with something like that. We had to drop a few investigators because they weren’t acting on anything. They say its true but don’t do anything about it. its frustrating. The people here lie all the time. Mostly its “oh i will come” when talking about church. obviously they dont. Then tons of people just make up stories when they honestly don’t know the answer. Its kind of ridiculous. The people are all friendly though if not a bit stubborn at times. I almost forgot at district meeting Pres. shulz came and taught/scolded us. He had a great lesson on the plan of salvation and it made me feel a lot better about what i’m doing to make to the celestial kingdom. He also flat out told that we had a heavenly mother and i was like ” yes” i knew it. He taught us lots and then he went into some of the stuff missionaries have been slacking on in the mission. oops. but after he came to me while everyone was getting they’re packages and stuff and said ” you doing ok” I said ya “Thats good because you know i’m expecting you to be a good leader in this mission” or something like that. I was like ya. He said something like that before but now it’s starting to make me nervous. What does he have in mind for me? I am nervous about it but I know if i do get moved up to a leadership position that i’m doing what i am supposed to. Well i gotta go I miss you guys and i will try to have better stuff next week. Love you
  Your awesome Superior missionary
     Elder Holder


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