Elder Holder Talks about his Mission

Dear Family,
                Even with a working Email they still find ways to frustrate me. I have tried sending so many and none have gone through.  We may have to resort to letters until I’m on a not gay computer. I really am trying.  It’s really dirty here but I can live with that. I like some of the people but I also don’t like some of the people.  Please send me Kylie’s and my dad’s emails so I can talk to them too.  Where is Devin going on his mission? I want to know.  I like the thanksgiving stories.  I’m still getting used to things here but the work is progressing. That’s all for now until I’m on a computer that actually works. I’m sorry its so short.  Remember just to help each other out when you can. Thanks for the packages you sent. I hope its delicious non perishable food. Like oreos or PB. We are having a big baptism on Dec. 17. We have sister akuosa and most of her family. A lady we call old mary and a mary odei. Possibly a sister Hannah. As we teach people it’s hard to get them to commit to anything  at times no matter how much they say they believe. It doesn’t look like you’ll be getting an email this week because the internet is still not working. I’ll keep trying though. We have an appointment in like twenty minutes that I think we will be late for. I’m depressed again because of another week not being in contact with you guys.  If you do end up getting this please send me your phone numbers and tell kylie to send my dads phone number to me if kyou could. I just got moved to a different computer. I seriously have tried sending three emails already and they all failed.  The food is mostly good. There is some stuff that I simply never want to try but will have to eventually.  The most notable is coat, it’s cow skin. It sounds like the most disgusting thing someone can eat but I better be ready for it. One of my favorite things to here is the homemade bread with some of their jam on it. Then to cut up a banana and have a sandwich. It’s so good. My first week here that’s how I motivated myself to get up out of bed.I bet Garrett is getting ancy to go. Tell him the field will be nothing like how it is in the MTc especially since he’s going to provo. I’m happy for you guys. I guess a huge storm blew through or something. That’s what Elder Wheeler told me. I think that’s what you guys were talking about but I wasn’t sure. All the kids here can get annoying. Hundreds of times a day you just here Bruni Bruni. And then some of them come and ask for money when that happens I want to turn around and smack them.  But I don’t plus they are probably abused enough by their parents  anyway. I’m sorry I can’t have read all your emails but we need to go. That storm sounds intense. I wished I could have seen.  I’ll have to read the stuff for next week and try to add in my last few  weeks. Before I go I wanna tell youabout Bishop kibs. He was the first bishop of our area and he only has one leg. When I first met him he was super sick and had been in the hospital for almost two months. He was in pretty bad shape. He still had faith though that God was working in his life. It was truly humbling. We gave him a blessing and he was able to come to church this past Sunday.  I like to think it was because of the blessing. OH and before I go the goal for baptisms that the stake president gave us and our ward is 125 baptisms over the next five months. That’s a ton of people.  I don’t know how we’ll meet it. We are going to need plenty help from membbers. Well cya guys later I love ya

                Your Bruni (white) Elder Holder

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