11/28/2011 Seku Panics His Mom

Dear Family
So this is Elder Holder as you can see. I still can’t access my lds account which is causing me much frustration and I guess i forgot the password for my rocketmail account so if you have sent anything to that account i haven’t read it. Please kaysville family. Send me the information for the rocketmail account because i know i wrote it down so you guys could check it. I spent all my time trying to figure out passwords and things that I don’t have very much time left. I’m not sure if i’m going to have enough money to eat until the next time i’ll get a chance but i have some extra money i can use. I wrote down all the info for this account so i should at least have access here. i would prefer to use my lds account but i have no idea how to get into it.I think it sent the information to my seku_holder@rocketmail.com account. The people here are so different. You can ask them many times if they will come to church and they’ll say yes and then out of 15-20 people 2 will show up. I was actually surprised to get two investigators to church. one was solid but the other i didn’t think would come.Sister akuosa and sister Felicia. Felicia is the one i didn’t think would show up. She’s looking pretty solid though.I saw the moon for the first time yesterday. It was pretty hardcore. oh and handwashing laundry isn’t the greatest. It’s a good change of pace though. Anyway I have to hurry now. Devin Where are you going on your mission? Was thanksgiving good for everyone? We didn’t have one here. You should definitely try sending me letters that would be sick. Oh and everyone just send me addresses and things so i can make sure i write back and don’t forget. Send as much info as you can so i can make sure i have it. I’m getting really frustrated not being able to talk to you guys and it all my fault. it sucks. I gotta go
Your loving missionary
Elder Holder

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