Nov. 6 2011 Letter Arrive 11/15/2011

Dear Family

I’ll write some stuff while I wait for the E-Mail to open up. The flight was so long it’s not even funny. I tried sleeping throiugh the whole thing. It kind of worked. I think my favorite American missionary is Elder Brown. He’s a swirl like me and wears glasses too. Except he has curly hair. My next one is Elder Belnap from Idaho. Brown is getting pretty good at Twi (tree). Since my companion Elder Okaka is from Kenya I’m not picking up much Twi. Every once and a while Okaka will try and teach me Swahili but he doesn’t do it ofetn enough for me to pick it up. There only a few phrases that I had to write down that I can say. Mimi Naitua Elder Holder, Mimi natoka Warekani. I’m Elder Holder, I come from America. There are also missionaries from the Congo here that speak French. It can get pretty crazy at times.

I look pretty dang good as a missionary I noticed. I didn’t think I’d pull off the halfsleeve but looking at myself I can’t believe I ever doubted. The glasses bug me a little bit though. And my glass cloth doesn’t clean tham well at all.

The food is ok but most of it has fish in it. By fish I mean they just cut off the head and gut it to cook it. I’m tired of bones and scales. last night I’m pretty sure Elder brown got a fish head, I’ adjusting ok. We teacha bunch of fake investigators. They’re played by the teachers here. I’m really tired of it. I’ll explain in E-mail. One of my teachers is Bro. Ashun the other is Appianti. Ashun is a real hard case but I understand what he is trying to do. Appianti is so much easier. We’re inside most of the time so I don’t know what the people are like.

How are things wi you? When does Devin get his call? You should send some candy bars. That would help so much. If I got a Snickers or Fastbreak that would prove to me all the principles that our gospel teaches. Just saying


Elder Holder


One response to “Nov. 6 2011 Letter Arrive 11/15/2011”

  1. Carole says :

    Elder Brown says that Elder Holder is a cool guy and his favorite American Elder too! Elder Brown is south by the coast where as Elder Holder is up north in Kumasi.

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