Elder Holder’s First E-Mail from the Field 11/21/2011

It’s actually been a rough start to in field experience. We had two elders who got transferred out of the area i’m in because they weren’t doing what they were supposed to. Oh and by the way my new companion is Elder Wheeler. He’s from Bountiful, and graduated from Woods cross and went to a year of school at Weber before he come out here in May. Anyways he ‘s awesome. he and i are whitewashing the area called Asuoyboa. Its gone alright so far.  So when me and one other American, Elder Gagne (gone-yay), got to the apartment it didn’t have power because the two elders who got sent off were bootleggin power or something like that. I’m not sure. But ok i can handle that no big deal. It’s also kind of cool to do studies by candlelight anyways. then the water is pretty intermittent where our apartment is but alright i can handle that. Just got to make sure I have enough clean water and to do all my stuff fast. Then on Friday, three days into it, I got sick. I woke up with a headache and some pains and small diarrhea. Wheeler and I went out to an appt. close to our home and she said to come back in an hour. Got back at the apt. and I ended up puking after eating watermelon. I still tried going out after a little rest because i was feeling a little better but after an hour or so my stomache was really telling me to go and my body was getting beat. We made it to the apartment and I could barely stand and stuff. I was so weak. My aches got worse and my diarrhea was already bad but I was having to spend a lot of time on the toilet which sucked. I was having to get up 3-4 times an hour to use the bathroom. It was at this point that I was like Oh my gosh this sucks. WHY!!!!!!! is the world cruel? It pretty much continued like that until the next day before it lightened up. Then I was feelin pretty good sunday. I can’t go into much detail but that’s basically waht happened. Investigators are rather disappointing at times. Wheeler and I had 5 say that they would come to church. None of them did. One we ran into on the way to church and you could see the building. We left to go while she was talking with her member sister and she went home. The church was closer than her house was and she went home. bogus. Teaching people is nothing like you would think out here. For the most part you never go inside homes you usually just take the lessons outside. With all the people doing this or that. but ya. The people here are super relaxed about everything. nothing is all that serious to them. It’s hard to teach lessons with that attitude. They just become unfocused or distracted. Well I need to write some other peeps talk to ya later. Oh and guess how many naked children I’ve seen? lots. Guess how many mothers i’ve seen give suck just right out in the open. right now I’m at 3 or 4. It’s crazy people just don’t care here.  Well Tell kylie i’m sorry for not being able to email her this week. I’ll try to give more details about the mission as I figure out my ldsmail stuff.


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