Sunday Nov. 6, 2011

Dear Family,
   The set up for the Email is here. sorry I wasn’t able to talk to you all individually but c mon I ‘m a freaking missionary now. What do you expect? No, I will not be going to cote d’ Ivorie as far as I know. But there is a seperate mission there and a few missionaries are being sent there already. I talked to my mission president about the whole learning french thing and he told me that it would be something for after my mission so as not to distract me from my purpose here. So i’m cool with it, one less thing to worry about. I still think I need to learn french but until told to do so I’ll just chill. Some days are super long with all day classes and no exercise (the first four days here). I start to get restless on those days. Some days we just end up missing exercise and those ones are hard too. So far the only ‘investigators’ we have taught are insructors who are pretending to be investigators. I get annoyed because we have to put in a lot of planning for people who don’t act like they’re supposed to from the bios or consistently with the last visit. Also i feel like it’s pointless to plan that long for fake people. I’m sending a letter today telling you a little bit about what’s going on. Bro. Ashun is one of my teachers and he’s pretty hardcore. He’s always on someones case about this or the other. A lot of time it’s the District leader (my companion) to do something different or just at the class because we didn’t do something right. He made us remember a couple things that I didn’t know completely before we got here. The purpose, the first vision, D and C 4 and 50 v. 14. All the US guys who came are all going to cape coast. In fact l a lot of people are going to cape coast, twenty something missionaries are going there. Another chunk are going to nigeria, calabar mission. Some are heading to the congo. Others i’ve seen are benin, togo, ivory coast. I need Caleb’s and mckay’s address too i decided. Halloween sounds fun. I don’t think they even understand the concept of halloween here. oh and don’t worry mom, everyone is having a hard time with me gone. Don’t tell me you forgot how great I was to have around. geez I can’t believe that. Cape Coast is just the west side of Ghana. But it’s still a big area. but ya I gotta head, Tell me about your weeks and stuff for next time. Signing out
                  Elder Holder

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