Elder Holder’s First Week

November 3, 2011

Alright to start off sorry I haven’t written you yet. I couldn’t remember my account information so I had to miss the first email day and they didn’t let us use it when we first arrived. I tried sending emails to you guys from the mtc pres. account but I’m not sure if you got it. I just barely figured out all my account info. I did make it ok and yes Elder smoot came to the airport with six other elders. We met up with another four in georgia. The flights were long and so was the layover. We got to the airport and it was and very humid. I’m still getting used to it all. At night I sleep without any covers because of how hot it is. My companion is elder Okaka. He is from Kenya, he’s kenyan. He’s a pretty quiet guy and doesn’t like to do sports and stuff but he’s still cool. Almost every African here knows two languages. my companion knows english and swahili, others know twi, and some of the Congo missionaries speak french and swahili. The names aren’t as hard as I thought they would be. for the most part they sound like they’re spelled it’s just hard because your not used to pronouncing words that way. umm, the nigerians are loud and friendly. They make up a chunk of the missionaries here. They like to talk a lot and are very comfortable with everything. Like last night I was trying to go to sleep because we were going to the temple today (That’s right, been in the Ghana temple, suck it) two of them just came into the room and talked for like a half hour. it was around 11. I ended up having to kick them out. I have some pictures but I’ll wait till next time to send some because i ‘m using up to much of my time here. I think I forgot nail clippers even though Devin even asked if I had some. Also I can’t find my notebook with family emails in it so you should definitely see if you can find it. I need mom’s, devins, and my dad’s. I’m also not sure where my patriarchial blessing is, i thought i packed it but i can’t find it anywhere.That’s all i got for now. Oh and i think i figured utah is 6 hours behind us so it should be almost 10 or so there. right now it’s 3:47. I also think I’m supposed to be learning french for some reason. Don’t know how I would though. Anyways signing off Peace Yall
Elder Holder

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